Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Baubles

I tatted around these baubles earlier this year, in fact it was January when I thought of the design and a couple of weeks ago I picked it up again to make a few more. If anyone is interested in the pattern I've just about managed to write it down, but sorry can't do drawings. Its basically tatted in two pieces.
For the blue on gold I used DMC 30 and the combination of these colours reminds me of Victorian jewelery

The silver one is tatted with Altin Basak cotton 50, not an easy cotton to work with but quite effective when used in a decorative way.
These baubles have a matt finish, I will show you some shinny ones next time, photographed at a different angle so you can see more detail.
I've actually stopped making them because Jane has just created another fabulous design and I have sort of got hooked on it! Anyway I'm sure she will show you soon.


  1. Hi Sally, I would love to have your 'bauble' pattern. I have some 'mermaid's tears' that I want to incorporate (these are water-washed and formed bits of glass from one of the Great Lakes and are very pretty in an aquamarine and opaque white) Your's are very pretty and I like your color choices, too. I really enjoy your blog ~ as you must know by now. :>)
    Best Wishes and Blessings Bev

  2. I'll do some drawings for you - might have to be after Christmas. As you know life is a bit busy at the moment and not in a way I like!!!

  3. So Darling! I love them.

  4. I have just got to get one of my sisters to tat too! What fun the two of you must have.

  5. OOH! The colours you used for the baubles are so matching and they look really good–both tatting and the bauble. It's fun having a sister who tats too! Very envious...

  6. Lovely!! I especially like the colors of the old gold and blue. You are right it does remind me of Victorian jewelery.

  7. An image springs to mind: you two, in a heated kitchen, à la Julia Child, vigorously waving wooden spoons, in a dispute over the proper temperature for the fluted flan! LOL!!
    Fox : )

    BTW - the baubles are beautiful!

  8. Hi Bev, thank you so much for your kind words. I will blog the pattern in the next few days. Thanks Jane, after Christmas will be fine.
    Thank you Rayanna I'm rather fond of them myself!
    Yes LadyShuttleMaker we do have fun, especially over the internet as we live in different parts of the country.
    Well Val I have more colours to show.
    Hi Carol, not everyones idea of a Christmas bauble the gold and blue but it works.
    Thank you for visiting Tatncrazee
    Now Fox I would never be with Jane in the kitchen, she is no cook and will admit it, I love cooking just hate clearing up afterwards!!!!

  9. I see I have arrived rather late to this one! I like the gold bauble too, it looks so "antique"! - my sister and I couldn't be more different - we share no interests at all but we are inextricably linked through our mutual love of books and reading. She lives in another country so we don't see each other often, but she always appreciates the little bookmarks and things I send her - which is gratifying.

  10. Better late than never Maureen! Thanks for your comment. I don't think you can beat giving tatted items away to those who appreciate them. I gave some bookmarks away this afternoon, which were destined to go in with Christmas Cards - a case of burning the midnight oil now!!!


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