Monday, 22 February 2010

Busy, busy

Now one of the things you will notice straight away is that these earrings are for non-pierced ears, thats me! So I actually wear these myself. I found the mother of pearl hearts at a car boot sale, a small packet of them in different colours, but good strong colours. I have only used the two hearts shown here so far. The glass beads I found in an antique shop, they were broken and were in a little plastic packet so were priced very reasonably. I have not had time laterly to do much tatting due to the pop-a-bobbin shuttles and a very busy life.

So shall we have a little peep in the garage? In the container are some shuttles that have been cut out and sanded, before varnishing.

Now you can see "im in the garage" sanding them on this clever bit of equipment.

We went to see Jane on Saturday and delivered 30 shuttles, most of them have now been sold. In the last week quite a few different woods have also been delivered to our house, so there is soon going to be a bigger variety of shuttles to choose from. I will try and find out what these woods are and then let you know. That is one thing about wood it changes so much as it is worked on, an ordinary block comes alive after it has been cut and shaped, and the beautiful grains are exposed. Tatting shuttles certainly lend themselves to being made out of wood.


  1. I've ordered one in cherry... I'm so excited! If I could, I'd order one in every single wood!

  2. That's the first pair of non-pierced earrings I've seen! Maybe I'll have a look, next time I'm in Spotlight, to see if they have the bits to make them. I don't have pierced ears either.
    What a wonderful sight,a whole dish full of shuttles in the making!

  3. My new Cherry Pop a Bobbin shuttle arrived today from "im in the garage' via Jane; and, you KNOW what I'll be doing this evening! The darlin' woman also sent me lovely ear bobs (maltese cross with beads) and an extra surprise!
    The 'new' shuttle feels really good in hand, can't wait till I put it to work! Thank that poor man and im kept in the garage, hope he gets a nice warm beverage in this wether. Snowed all day here! Sunny Southwest, indeed!
    xxx bev

  4. pretty pretty earrings, sally. good job! i can't wait for my shuttle(s)!

  5. They're all spoken for now - just a few awaiting payment and I'm now waiting for 'im in the garage to make more!!! Just hope it's a warm weekend coming up!!!!

  6. Now Diane I doubt you will order one in every single wood as there are now at least 17 different woods in the garage!
    Maureen I'm sure your Spotlight will have the findings, these are screw ones but there are also clip ones.
    Well Bev so pleased your shuttle has arrived and with a lovely added surprise. It is indeed cold here and in the garage, tea and coffee are always on the go!!
    Hope your shuttle arrives soon Val in hot Singapore!
    So do I hope that the weekend is warmer Jane, actually he is so excited about the new woods that arrived through the post.

  7. What a wonderful and exciting way to spend a dreary winter. Well done to 'im in the garage'.


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