Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Cedar Tree

As you all must know by now, unless you have been on another planet! The Pop-A-bobbin shuttles are in full production and there are quite a few different woods they are being made out of, which I will try and list soon. Some woods we have bought locally and others have been purchased from overseas. Sharren Morgan asked for a cedar shuttle when the last batch were being made, and so far she is the only person to own one made out of this particular wood. The cedar tree that the wood came from is in these two pictures. As you can see it is very near to the church. About 18 months ago the tree had to have a huge branch cut off it because it was dangerously close to falling on the church and doing considerable damage, particularly as there is stained glass window that would have been badly damaged if it had fallen. One log of the wood was brought around by the Vicar for "i'm in the garage" this was before the shuttles were a glint in his eyes!

Now this particular tree is beside a church that used to have a Vicar who was very fond of trains, his son was born in this area and spent his early years here, he also took up his father's love of trains and became a clergyman himself. His name was Rev Awdry and he wrote the now very famous Thomas the Tank engine stories. So he would have indeed seen the tree and probably ran around it as a child.

You might have noticed a few rain drops on the pictures of the church, I took them last Sunday, it was raining, very cold and I almost fell over a tombstone!

Here is a piece of the original log that was given to us.
It was seasoned out doors for a year and now is being
cut into manageable pieces.

And just to show you that the shuttles are progressing here are a few, I'm sure you can identify the ebony, purple heart and cocobola rosewood.

I have a shuttle that was made out of the old timber from the porch of another church, shown in this post, it is oak. There are a few more shuttles that can be made from this wood if anyone is interested? I have also brought home some yew wood taken from the tree outside this church and it is now seasoning. The stories behind some of the woods that are being used for these shuttles, are fascinating and makes them very special.


  1. Sally, I am so glad you posted this! I have alerted Jane that I must have an Oak shuttle from that old wood and of course another from that beautiful Cedar! This is exciting!

    I am afraid to even turn my mind to the yew that is being prepared.....
    Fox : ))

  2. Please stop showing pictures of all the woods you've got - I keep changing my mind about which ones I want. Yes, folks, I'm still waiting for a 'proper' one or two but the prototype I'm using is a darn good workhorse so I shouldn't moan!!! Love the story of the cedar too, Sally.

  3. Ooh! I must have one of those Oak shuttles. Oak is my favourit wood. I will nip straight over to Jane's and place my order. I am getting on really well with my Cherry one it is brilliant and so user friendly.

  4. I'm with Jane: I don't I'll be satisfied till I have a shuttle made out of each kind of wood. I had decided on the ebony and cocobala rosewood, but now I may want one made from the cedar. I got my cherry shuttle yesterday. So far I love it! I'm still getting used to the hook. Out of curiosity, is the hook made for a particular size of thread? I'm using size 20 right now, and I'm going to try a finer thread later this weekend.

  5. What a wonderful story! I'm glad to own one of the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles. Wouldn't it be wonderful to own one in each wood? Just dreaming...

  6. Hi Fox, the stories behind some of the woods are fascinating - even the fellow who chopped his thumb off in a previous post! The yew needs many months of seasoning - so forget it for awhile!
    Oh and there is a story behind that tree too!
    Sorry Jane - the list keeps increasing!!!!
    Pleased you like your shuttle Jane - sorry forgot to say that in my e.mail!
    Hi Jeff, the hooks are hand made by "I'm in the garage" so are not made for any particular thread. Initially we could not find a supplier for hooks without cutting up crochet hooks, which would not have been cost effective. However with the supply for shuttles growing we are trying to source a ready made supply of hooks - no luck yet but ever hopeful!!!
    Hi Diane - well don't go down that way of owning a shuttle of each wood!!! I should not keep teasing you - sorry!!!

  7. What an intriguing post! I went online to find out properties of Yew (since it is such an ancient and revered tree) and discovered that the entire tree is poisonous! Even wood dust from sanding is poisonous. How will 'Im in the Garage handle it without jeopardizing his health?

    Concerned, I sit pondering the history of Yew.

  8. Ohhhhh - with a DH who makes model railways and is a Tank Engine fan from way back could 'im in the garage please save just a tiny bit of that wood to make a post shuttle for me? - when he is up to making post shuttles, that is!
    That would be something VERY special!

  9. I thought the hooks were homemade. What I'm finding is that the hook works quite well if the picots are on the larger size. It doesn't work as well if the joining picots are small. Are the hooks glued in or anything? I generally replace the hooks on my Aeros and I may want to do the same with my Pop-a-Bobbin shuttle, if you don't mind. And yeah, I'm cutting up crochet hooks to do this.

  10. Very interesting to know the background of the woods.
    Especially with my fondness of old churches; Loyal and I were married in the first church built in Reno, Nev. Above the altar there is a curved ½ dome with sculptures of baby faces (cherubs). They are the first babies baptized in the church. My daughter also was married in that church!
    I shall certainly have to have an Oak (my favorite tree); so will tell Jane. Add it to my order along with the ebony and purple heart. ! LOL Such a great shuttle and I love the hook! XXXX Bev

  11. Hi Isdihara thanks for your concern, much appreciated.
    Hi Maureen, it is so interesting that the place has a connection with the famous Rev Awdry. Will make sure that a post shuttle is made for you eventually from cedar shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone!!
    Hi Jeff - some people like the hooks and others are not that comfortable with them, we are all different!
    Hi Bev - Pleased you like hearing about the wood connections, churches are so interesting with their history, we have a lot here with an abundance of history! A particular church can become such a special place for a family because of all the celebrations that are held in it for them.

  12. Hi Sally, love the story about the the Ceder tree! I would like to be put on the list for an Oak shuttle. We have an old Nursery and had a lovely Oak that the neighbor thought his as he had it cut down and hauled away! (never realizing it was on our property and ours!) My husbands family did the original tree and shrub plantings for our church (donated all the trees as that was that was the line of work they use to be in). There is nothing more lovely than a muture tree. My husbands dad has been dead for many years, but a part of him still lives in the trees he planted. Your husband does lovely work and I love the shuttles I have. Jane should tell you I asked to be put on the list for more of them.

  13. Hi Sue Anna, yes Jane has informed me of your order, thank you. Wow what a lovely story about the trees your husband's family planted. Too right there is nothing more lovely than a mature tree. Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated.

  14. Can I be on the list for a post shuttle out of the Rev. Awdry wood? My daughter is in love with Thomas the train, in fact, we just had her third birthday and she insisted on Thomas birthday hats and a thomas cake. I just must have one....please please please!!!!!????

  15. Hi Sally, I was wondering if my cedar shuttle came from this tree? I see some people are receiving a card with their shuttles if the wood has a story behind it. Is there a story to the wood in my cedar shuttle?

    I also wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the shuttle and its quality. The shuttle is light weight and easy to tat with. The hook works wonderul too. The bobbin tension is just perfect. Not to tight and not too loose. I am sooo pleased with it. Thank you and thank your DH for me too!


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