Tuesday 23 March 2010

Easter Baskets

I know it is a little early for Easter but the shops are full of chocolate eggs so I thought I would show a few on my blog. The little baskets I tatted using Jane's pattern. The thread is ancient Coats but the colours seem to blend well together.

Now here are the latest pop-a-bobbin shuttles. Purple heart, ebony and coco bola rosewood (which seems to have its plug missing!). Where did you put it Jane? The popper tool is also very attractive don't you think?

The three of us "I'm in the garage", Jane and myself had a management meeting on Sunday, the first time we have all been together in one room since production had started. Anyway we sorted a few teething problems out, well at least tried to! There have also been a few supply problems which has caused a slight delay in sending orders out. I will tell you about them on another post as they have not yet been completely resolved. In fact today has been a most frustrating day chasing bobbins, and at one point I wanted to give up with the whole idea of these shuttles.
Tomorrow might bring some good news.


  1. The baskets are SO pretty. Hmmm, wonder where the missing plug is? Maybe the cat 'stole' it. I'll have a look for it tomorrow!!!
    So glad that some of the problems are gradually being sorted and that it's all to do with supplies and not the shuttles. The two you gave me (ooops, perhaps I shouldn't have said that!) are working a treat and are off to the Ring of Tatters demonstration at the NEC on Thursday. I really, really wanted them for that so I could show them off!!!! Thanks little sis.

  2. Do not get discouraged Sally. There are bound to be a few bumps in the road at first, and should get better with time. The fact that so many of us want to own these little beauties is a sign you are on the right road at least, right:-)

    Sidenote...after seeing the finished shuttles I think I need to add the cocobolo rosewood to my list as well it is GORGEOUS...will have to start putting away my pennies:-)

  3. The decoration on the popping tool is a beautiful addition! Isn't the Rosewood gorgeous, as Dale-Marie says - but I love the ebony.
    Rise Above the supply problems, I don't think 'im in the garage would be allowed to stop making shuttles! There would be howls of protest from the tatting community!
    By the way, there is no problem at all with my bobbin, it works perfectly. The fact that I can get it to work so easily when I have never been able to use any sort of Aero, is the reason I am so happy with my elm shuttle.

  4. The tattted baskets are gorgeous they worked up really well!!!!

  5. Oh, don't loose heart! Your hard work is so very appreciated!

    That ebony shuttle made me remember a concert - Stéphane Grappelli and Jean-Luc Ponty, Grappelli on the violin, but a great big, shiny, black, electric one! What fabulous music. That must be one powerful shuttle to elicit that memory! I'm saving.....
    Fox : ))

  6. Love the little baskets! Yes chocolate eggs Yummmm. Not enough time for chocolate, or tatting!
    The finish really brings the beauty out of the wood.
    I will keep you in my prayers that the supply people will smile upon you and it will all work out. Of course you could always make the shuttles that come to the States have the buyers supply their own bobbins.lol.

  7. One thing we tatters have in common, in the long run, is patience. I'm a great fan of my pop-a-bobbin and a wait is fine! Everything will work out in time ~
    and if we want our wonderful bobbins, we will learn patience if we are short.
    I have lots and lots….hugs, Bev

  8. sweet, sweet little baskets -- perfect springtime colors! (o: your shuttles are beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  9. it's never too early for chocolate treats! those little baskets are sure a draw. so are the bobbins. will be saving up for more. i'm sure the teething problems will get resolved. :)

  10. Thanks for your encouraging comments, last week was absolutely awful with regard to trying to get hold of bobbins for the shuttles, can't believe how a simple plastic item can be so difficult to buy in large quantities.


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