Sunday, 9 May 2010

Shuttles and Thread

These are the first post shuttles to be made out of the wood that Krystle sent. The top one is an ordinary post shuttle and the one underneath is a post shuttle with a point, this time pointing upwards.

I hope the photographs are
clear enough for you to see.

"I'm in the garage" thinks the wood is teak. Krystle requested this wood to be used for her shuttles so I will be posting them to her very soon.

Something that flew the opposite way across "the pond" last week was this HDT from Yarnplayer, Garden Afternoon which does remind me of an English summer afternoon. Unfortunately we are having a very cold spell in England at the moment, so I need this beautiful thread to give me something to look forward to. On so many blogs I've seen photographs of the amazing HDT collections other tatters have. Below you see my entire collection, all I own - that's it! I feel it is too precious to use, but I purchased it with a project in mind so when I have time it will be put to full use.

Marilee was so kind to send me a sample of "leafy" . My cup runneth over!


  1. Shuttles are looking GOOD. I love the Garden AFternoon thread but be warned - as you wind the HDT's onto an ezybob or whatever they change. Then when you tat with them another change occurs. I'm beginning to get the addiction!!!!! I'll be adding more to my collection in time!!

  2. Nice shuttles and that HDT is really lovely. By the way I am having a giveaway if you want to leave a comment to enter please do!!

  3. Love the shuttles. I have said I'm in the garage does great work! Email me and send me how to mail things to you and I will be happy to share my stash with you! I have WAY too much and need to share.

  4. The new post shuttles are looking wonderful - I'm looking forward to mine! I worry about HDT too - I have a few skeins and they are wonderful, but I'm so nervous about not having enough, or making a wasteful mistake. It's really good to actually tat with it, because it feels so much crisper than thread on the ball. I suppose the dyeing process gives it that wonderful body. A Slippery Slope......

  5. Oooo! I see another addict being born, beware!
    Lovely shuttles.

  6. Thanks for your comments - I still haven't started to use the HDT, so not an addiction yet!!
    The shuttles are now on their way to Krystle


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