Saturday 29 May 2010

The Merry Month of May

Well its almost the end of May!

I really haven't had much time to tat latterly but when new thread comes through my door the urge to see what it looks like when tatted, gets the better of me.

A very very kind person called Sue Anna sent me the HDT you now see in this container. My stash quadrupled overnight! I might even be in danger of being addicted to it now! Thank you so so much Sue Anna.

The butterfly is made from one of the skeins.

If you look at Fox's blog you will see that she has posted the threads that the earrings are made from. The red one is the metallic thread and the other one is Yarn Players garden afternoon.

Now this chap is on a tree not too far from where I live, no idea who put him there, but he could be a green man, and he could represent the coming of Summer, lets hope so! A little less frightening than Fox's witch I'd say!!!

This month also saw the arrival of the bobbins for the shuttles, they were held up for various reasons. The new batch are purple, but a really nice purple and go well with the shuttles. "I'm in the garage" is slowly catching up with the orders so please be patient if you haven't received yours yet, he is working his little fingers to the bone!


  1. LOVE the HDT. What a kind lass Sue Anna is. That butterfly is stunning. Love the earwigs - hope to see the pattern soon - hint, hint!!!
    The green man reminds me of somebody - not telling who, though!!!! It's rained all day up here so do hope summer will come soon.

  2. Those HDT's are lovely and they tatted up really well!!!!!!

  3. I've just recently learned what a green man was. Interesting! I'm loving the earrings and butterfly, too.

  4. He looks very rustic, that Green Man - a bit scary, I think! I love your butterfly.

  5. Perhaps Tolkien was inspired by the Green Man and that is where the Ents came from...?

    Love your new HDT's in their tatted form!
    Fox : )

  6. oooh, those HDTs are gorgeous. i love the colours on the butterfly. pretty. so are the 2 other motifs. for earrings?


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