Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Martha asked if "I'm in the garage" could make a special post shuttle for her that would hold a lot of thread and beads, but she also wanted a hook attached to it. Was it possible? Well actually yes, this is the result - now again I have to say it hasn't been tested but so far so good. The shuttle is 3 7/8" long

Here is Jane's latest cabone ring pattern and this too is an over sized dangle! At its widest it measures almost 2 1/2" . It had to have a bit of cosmetic surgery (a extra knot at the top) as the bead was not a snug fit and was very heavy. With the proper sized plastic rings and beads they work extremely well. I just thought I would try making a larger one. Will post the smaller ones I have made another day, before I give them away! They are so addictive and I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to test the pattern before it went live!
Now those of you who have put your name down for a pop-A-bobbin shuttle may be wondering where it is, and how come that special orders are being made before your shuttle? The answer is that we were awaiting the plastic bobbins. I am delighted, thrilled and jumping up in the air because they have now arrived in the UK and hopefully should be in the garage tomorrow.


  1. So this means that I'm going to be busy soon contacting people to let them know the shuttles are finished? GR8 stuff. Love Martha's new shuttle - can't wait to see it myself.

  2. That new shuttle is niiiiiice!!!!! Love your new dangly!

  3. Wow! That is one BIG shuttle! Impressive!
    Fox ; )

  4. big is good! recently i tatted a pendant with some quartz chips and i had so much trouble with the little ones (size of usual clover). tell us if it feels comfortable to work with.

  5. oooh goody goody, can't wait for mine.. I've been so patient (not) ask Jane lol

  6. Thanks TypsTatting. Yep its a big shuttle Fox.
    Val my shuttle sister aka Jane had a go with it this weekend and it seems to work well, even though it is BIG!
    Wendy some shuttles have been delivered, but more need to be completed, now the garage is too hot!!!


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