Thursday 13 May 2010

Wood Stories

The other week we had a visitor a tatter and lace maker who brought with her some very special bits of wood, a piece of horse chestnut which came from a tree that once stood near her home when she was a child. The other piece you see in the picture is a piece of Laburnum which she also produced from a plastic bag. You will notice that it has a very interesting grain, quite purple inside, this may fade as the wood dries, hopefully not. She has obviously requested a shuttle or two to be made!

This is the wood before it was cut

Back in February I talked about one of the wood suppliers who lived in America, we purchased purple heart and cocobola wood from him. The first delivery was delayed because he managed to saw his thumb off. Well just before Easter some more wood was ordered. “I’m in the garage” kept in touch by e.mail with this wood supplier and although he did develop an infection in his thumb, he was getting on fine and he informed us that he was about to post the consignment. We did not hear from him for a long time despite trying to contact him via e.mail. One evening a few weeks ago an e.mail was received from a relation of his to say that he had been badly burnt in a house fire and had died a few days later from his injuries. Curious to know more I searched the Internet and sure enough found a newspaper article about the fire and even a picture of the burnt out shell of his home. In there was our wood which he never managed to post

On a happier note this is a picture of “I’m in the garage” with a chain saw. The wood he is cutting is a huge piece of cherry wood that was given to us by a friend about 3 yrs ago, the tree used to stand in his garden.

Here are the cherry logs before they were cut, well seasoned in the garden

There is one good thing the garage is now a lot warmer than it used to be in the depths of winter!


  1. Glad the garage is warming up. I was going to send a match and a candle for 'im in there!!! That would make an interesting feedback on the 'thumb man's' lack of supplying wood. Perhaps you could give him a negative on the grounds that he used the wood to warm HIS garage!!!! That's a JOKE, folks!!!

  2. Yikes! Man with a chainsaw on the loose! Am I the only one who immediately thinks,"Chainsaw Massacre"? Or is is a North American thing?
    Fox the Macabre : )

  3. Oh I can see some great shuttles made out of all that wood!!!!!! Glad that the weather is warming up for you!!!

  4. I keep thinking that yours is truly a marriage made in Heaven.... both of you being able to follow your passions in such accord!
    Each time I see wood that people have sent you, I think about sending 'im in the garage a small piece of my father's...perhaps on a slow boat, one day!

  5. No Fox you are not the only one to think of "the chainsaw Massacre" it immediately comes to mind everytime he brings it out.
    Yes TypsTatting - it will be exciting to see what the shuttles look like out of this wood.
    Well Maureen it may not be too expensive sending the wood by sea, will take a long time but could be worth it.

  6. Ooooh! Now I'm excited. Didn't realise how pretty that wood looks. And I really must update my blog with my latest offerings using my first pop a bobbin which is soooo comfortable to use. Looking forward to using the chestnut bobbin, when you have time of course, I'm not rushing you or anything...well.... maybe rushing you just a little bit. :-)


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