Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Blast from the Past

Here are two items of tatting that were not made by me, this beautifully coloured one was made by Jane, many, many years ago. It was a present and came with some drink mats to match.  I wonder if she remembers making it?!  At the time I knew how to tat but my skills were very basic and working in different colours and on such a large item seemed beyond my ability.  Sadly this piece was stuffed in a bag and moved around from one country to another and so has  become a little stained.


This doily was made by my Grandmother the person that taught Jane and I to tat. Again it is not in marvelous condition but I could not part with either of these little gems.  I have also just noticed that the scan is not perfect - it has curled over on the left hand side!  
Hopefully soon I will be able to find time to tat, but this week is going to be incredibly busy moving my father-in-law and we don't live in the area either.  Still help is at hand from Jane!


  1. Did I really make that? Looks slightly familiar!!! My, those picots look even too and I'd never heard of picot gauges then either!!! Ah, Cakey Nanny's doily looks lovely. To think we only had ecru and white in those days. Nowadays we're SO spoilt. Thanks for taking me down 'memory lane' as dad would've said!!!!

  2. I had momentarily forgotten which blog I was at (someone interupted me to talk about ...ahem...work) so when I saw that first doily, I thought immediately of Jane. She certainly has her own style, doesn't she? it's wonderful to have momentos like these. Unfortunately, I am the crafty one in my family so I seldom get handmade stuff from other family members. It's all from my online tatting friends!

  3. Lovely that you still have these.

    I would have guessed that was Jane's, as her own unique style was evident even back in the "olden" days!

    Good luck with the move.
    Fox : )

  4. Wonderful photos and post!

    I love the name "Cakey Nanny"! Wouldn't she be amazed to see the colorful tatting done by Jane!

    These pieces are representative of two eras of tatting and the 'explosion' of ideas and colors today!

    Certainly I have a fondness for 'classic' white and ecru tatting, and your Grandmother's doily is beautiful and has to be SO special for you to have.
    What a marvelous legacy!

    She could never have imagined that you and your husband would be making and selling wood tatting shuttles that would be prized by tatters around the world, and that those same tatters can share their photos, thoughts, patterns and ideas instantly via the internet!

    Hope all goes well with moving your father-in-law.

  5. Lovely doilies and to have something of your grandmothers is really special!

  6. When I first saw that top doily, my thought was "looks like something Jane tatted up". I WAS RIGHT!!! That Jane has an interesting eye for color hehe ;) Nice to have something your Gma tatted. Aside from my MIL and me I feel like the only lacemaker in the family. Everyone else crochets or knits with yarn.

    X X X NOS

  7. What wonderful memories you have in these two pieces. And if they have stains - well, they were used,and that's what they are for! It's great that you have the memories of you two learning to tat from your Grandmother.


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