Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Harvest Festivals

It has been busy over the last month with all four churches celebrating Harvest. The flower arrangers have had a creative time decorating the buildings, I could post so many lovely pictures but you would all get so bored with them!

The book mark is one that I made years ago and it used to live in a plastic sleeve, no idea where the pattern came from and I never really liked the colours until this year but they do go rather well with the season.

This loaf of bread was transported to each church in turn as they celebrated harvest.    As you can see it is shaped like a sheaf of wheat and on the bottom there is a piece of bread that is supposed to represent a mouse, although sometimes the cooking throws it out of shape.   Also fortunately a real church mouse didn't have a nibble at it!

 This is one of the beautiful arrangements sitting in a church window, can you see the apples poking out of the bottom?

Sadly no shuttles are being made at the moment as we are busy with family commitments which are taking all our spare time up.


  1. Autumn is my favorite season and it seems it is equally beautifull there!

  2. Love the colours on the bookmark and seeing the bread makes me feel hungry. Don't worry - we'll sort most of the family stuff next week. I'm feeling strong and energetic!!!

  3. Your tatting is so beautifully even. I love harvest festival time and seeing all of natures bounty, second only to spring time when the earth comes alive again after its winter sleep.

  4. That bookmark jumped off the screen at me! Very eye-catching colour.
    Fox : )

  5. Lovely Bookmark and the bread looks good yum yum!

  6. This bookmark pattern is VERY unique and attractive. I love the 'mesh design' that is formed by the 'reverse direction' chains (if that's what they're called). It appears that a certain number of knots on the chain are done the 'normal' way, then the foundation thread is kept taut (as is done for the second half of a split ring), to get the knots to lie 'upside down'.

    In any event, I was quite relieved to read that you made this bookmark years ago, because I couldn't figure out how you possibly had the time to tat it with everything you're doing these days! Your posts and photos are always interesting and informative, and you sure are 'on the go'!!

    I'm also glad you're taking a break from shuttle making because it's not good to keep up that level of intensity. You both deserve to take some time off and concentrate on other things for awhile.

    The bread is SO unique!! I can't even imagine how that was made!

  7. I love those colours! And who baked the fantastic loaf of bread? - is that another of your talents? It's interesting, the connection with bread and religious observances, my mother was Jewish, and at her funeral there was a special bread which is baked for such occasions.

  8. Oh, that tatting is lovely! You know, I love my shuttles I got from you! I got the ebony and Purple heart wood one and I haven't used them yet I just love looking at them! LOL!
    I just love your visits to my blog! Thank you!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  9. Thanks for all the comments - yes we are too busy to tat or to shuttle make at the moment!


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