Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Black is Black

Strange when I was thinking about a title for this post the song "Black is Black" kept popping into my head, reminds me of my teenage years perhaps?  If you haven't heard it here is the link
When Jane showed me a sneak preview of her new brooch using the winsome earring pattern I told her that I had made quite a few black earrings and she suggested that I posted them, so here they are.  I wear a lot of black as it suits me, but these earrings are going to be, hopefully, sold at a Christmas Market to be held at our church next month.  I have asked Jane's permission.  They are in preparation for the Christmas parties many ladies will attend, a finishing touch to their party frock!

The black and yellow ones look really good too, they are yellow beads in the middle but the photograph has taken the colour out of them.
I have also made many others pairs in different colours.  At first I wasn't too happy about the ends to these earrings and I know that it is possible to add a few more beads and weave the threads in, thus hiding them.  However, now I really like seeing them as it shows that the earrings are made with thread and tatted, it adds to their authenticity. 


  1. ooo - love those black earrings - I may have to stop and make some myself! I girl can't have too many earrings (or shoes)...

  2. Ooooh, love all the earrings. It's a very addictive pattern as I've found myself!!!

  3. Those black earings are really lovely!

  4. I love the black tatting! So pretty!


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