Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Promises, Promises

When ever I promise to do something (and remember that I have actually promised), I try my hardest to keep that promise.  In August I said I would write the pattern down for this necklace and post it on my blog. Well I haven't forgotten and it is half written but events over the last few months have interfered with so many of my plans including this one.  The project has been put away for a day when I can really sit down and concentrate on something for longer than a couple of hours!

The shops are starting to show signs of Christmas and as the weeks go by, more and more shelves are being given over to cards, decorations and all the paraphernalia that goes with the season.  To get myself into the mood for writing out patterns again, I picked up another pattern I promised to write down last year - oh dear failed again!!!  Here is the link showing the gold bauble covered in black thread, can you believe it was December 2009?!

The top bauble is a thread that Sue Anna sent me called Brilliant Sunset and is size 50, a size that I don't usually use but works perfectly with this pattern.  The two red ones are using Altun Basak, the thread adds a bit of glitter to the baubles.  Now it is a case of walking past the boxes of baubles on the shelves, I keep telling myself that I have enough!


  1. Ooooh, I love the top one. I don't know how you've kept going the past few months. It's been horrid. Still all is getting sorted now and that includes the two patterns!!!!

  2. Those are really neat ornaments! :)

  3. Love the christmas baubles they are gorgeous!

  4. When things are tough, sometimes the only way is to keep ploughing through to the other side,bit by bit- there is always an other side! - I love those baubles, a pattern would be great!


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