Friday 19 November 2010

Beaded Purse

Jane mentioned yesterday that I was making one of her beaded purses, so here it is, the completed item.
As she says it is an easy pattern but takes quite a long time to complete mainly because you have to keep loading beads onto the shuttles, 175 beads on each one.  The beads make the purse very solid and weighty and for this one I have used orange beads but not all the same shade.  The little figure sitting beside the purse was originally a necklace and it was purchased in Macau when I was there over 30 yrs ago.  Some of the beads are from the string that was attached to it.   The bead in the middle of the purse is orange but has got glitter on it and because of that doesn't look like it blends in, but it does, it is just the photograph has changed it.  I fully intend to wear this purse, the cord is made out of split rings, unfortunately my attempts at making the double double stitch failed, need to practice the technique first.

The purse reminded me very much of the flapper dresses of the 1920's the way the beads form a pattern of dangling fringes!

Now further developments on my last post, I went to a garden centre where they are now giving lessons on decoupage and so I was able to pick up this special glue and brush, so now it seems I have the right equipment.

I can't wait to start the decoration on the shuttles, but as yet they haven't even been cut out!


  1. Ooooh, I love your purse - much, much better colours than mine. I got halfway through mine and decided I didn't like it which is typical!!!1

  2. Very nice purse - and sis to design it. Karen

  3. Sally, the beaded purse is beautiful! I have to tell you that you are indeed very courageous to tat with so many beads. Bravo!

  4. Oooh, I love the purse - I have had 250 beads on a shuttle, so I think I could cope with 175!
    Beads are not my favourite tatting accoutrement, but I have solved the threading problem beautifully - my nine-year-old granddaughter is brilliant at doing that for me!

  5. What a lovely purse and I love the colour that you used!


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