Thursday, 25 November 2010

Saints and a Prince

Unless you have been away on a desert island you cannot fail to have heard the news of the Royal engagement here in Britain. This week the date of the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton was announced.

St Catherine of Siena, the saint whose feast day falls on April 29 has been chosen as the day the couple will marry next year in Westminster Abbey.   St. Catherine was the daughter of an Italian cloth dyer and she died in 1380 and is known for her spiritual writings.  However, today is the feast day of St Catherine of Alexandria and she is know as the patron saint of lacemakers.  Here is the link to my post last year giving a few more details of how she has been adopted as the patron saint of Tatters!

This is the nearest I have to a Catherine Wheel, but the stars remind us of the universe.

This is the nearest I could find to a saint! The picture was taken in an ancient, and now redundant church, near where I live. There is no indication of when it was put there, or who it is supposed to represent, it does look quite mysterious!  

The view at the side of the church.

Jane has kindly made some drawings for the button necklace which I have designed, it will be in my next post together with the instructions.


  1. Love your tatted baubles and that is a lovle autumn picture I just think the colours are stuning!

  2. It looks so pleasant there! We've had rain and dreary skies. Love the background about St. Catherine.

  3. There's a special cake you can bake for St Catherine's day - Cattern's cake.
    The view of the side of the church is very beautiful - are those red leaves on the ground?
    Amazingly, looking up at the stars absolutely terrifies me, I will never forget the pitch blackness of the sky in Tasmania - there were millions of stars, far more than could be seen in the suburbs. Too much for me, I prefer to keep my sights firmly on solid ground!
    The Royal wedding will be on John's birthday! - he was underwhelmed when I told him the news.

  4. the catherine wheels look great! i love the tatting on those stars.

    i saw the news about the prince's engagement to kate middleton too, on our tv channel over here. handsome couple.

  5. Your star ornaments are awesome and I love the tatted pattern you applied to them!!! :)


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