Tuesday 16 November 2010

Holly Shuttles for Christmas?

For those of you who remember this wood I am happy to inform you that the holly is now ready to be used for shuttles and strips (see below) are in the process of being made into post shuttles.  The wood had been seasoning for many years and so did not take too long to dry out.  But of course for these shuttles to be a success a lot depends on the next stage, when the wood has to be steam bent and moulded, it could split, or it simply will not bend that well.  

As you can see holly is a very pale wood, almost white, ever since we thought of making shuttles with the wood we had planned on having sprigs of holly on them.  Since that time we have searched high and low for transfers.  Many months ago Decoromana made a comment on this blog suggesting decoupage and using napkins.  Today I went in search of them, after all this is the right time of year!   A nearby town proofed to be hopeless and walking in and out of countless shops looking for them I almost gave up hope.  However, I then went to a local supermarket and of course there they were looking at me from the shelf and just crying out to be purchased!  Also there are so many sprigs on each napkin, isn't that great?

See they fit onto the wood perfectly, okay the cutting out isn't too good but I have only just rushed home with them and wanted to try them out for size.  Now please you decoupage experts out there, have you got any advice i.e. what glue to use etc.  "I'm in the garage" is expert at varnishing but how many coats?

As I said these may or may not be ready for Christmas a lot depends on how well the holly copes with the next stage of the process, not to mention the attempts at decoupage.   Will keep you informed. 


  1. Oooooh sounds as if you're having a ball down there!!! Can't wait to see these 'done and dusted'.

  2. Oooooh!! I hope all goes well as I know I already want one. ;)

  3. I can't wait to see the finished shuttles. Will there be any Pop-a-Bobbin shuttles out of holly as well? Love the idea of putting holly leaves on them. Now if we can convince Jane to list the shuttles in her shop at a different time and/or day of the week.

    (PS: I get the whole Geoff/Jeff spelling all the time, don't worry about it)

  4. These shuttles are going to be glorious! Also Decorama did a Tutorial on decoupaging shuttles it is on her blog. The Tutorial was blogged on the 5th Oct. I hope this helps she also lists the supplies that tou will need!

  5. I've been having fun with decoupage on plastic shuttles. I've been using Mod Podge, and I've been using 5 coats topped with spray on acrylic sealer. I'm not sure how it works with wood. I can hardly wait to see what they'll look like!

  6. Well thanks for all the helpful comments. Typs Tatting and Diane I've looked at the tutorial and now feel more relaxed about the whole business! We can't get Mod Podge over here but it is a apparently a watered down PVA glue. Going to practice first and see what results.
    Ah Jeff there are going to be holly pop-a-bobbin shuttles too! I'll have a word with big sis about listing in the shop, although she is trying to accommodate as many people as possible, but obviously not all!!!


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