Wednesday 3 November 2010

Production Hold-Up

"I'm in the Garage" has just started production again of the pop-a-bobbin shuttle.  It has been a really stressful time for us since June and our lives are now just beginning to become a bit more settled.  We have spent many weekends and weekdays visiting our families, driving over 2 hours to where they live with very little time to catch up on things in our own home!  Over the months we have seen two homes be cleared of all the things inside them and life has just drastically changed for us both.  When we are lucky enough to be in our own home we have had to make numerous telephones conversations to people trying to sort out so many issues involved with caring for the elderly. Even a conversation today over the phone to someone who was booking her wedding brought a little more information.  I have to ask the couples what their occupation is to put down on a form and I found out she was a social worker, she is to date the most helpful social worker I have ever talked to, unfortunately she lives in another part of the country.

These are the latest shuttles enjoying some Autumn sunshine, and "I'm in the garage" fully intended to complete them for this coming weekend, but sadly the supplier for the all important middle bit and the tool has not delivered.

Here is a view of the wood in the garage, all ready and waiting!

And here is some wood in its raw state!

I will let you know when this batch is completed, just hope that the postman delivers the rods tomorrow. Actually it is funny if I'm not in he puts this long parcel through the letter box and it looks so odd sitting half way in and half way out, still at least it will not have to be re-delivered.


  1. Those shuttles look like soldiers standing to attention. I'm eagerly awaiting my trips to the Post Office again. The staff there must be missing me too!!!! Tell 'im in the garage that I'll help him with the apple wood he wants when he's here at the weekend.

  2. Oh, Sally, I feel for you. Just a short time ago we had to empty our parents houses at almost the same time. My parents were 12 hours away and my MIL was in town where we live. Dealing with the why it needs done can also be a stress. It's wonderful to have a faith in God and our own home to come back to and refresh. My favorite way is tatting and husband's is being in his shop. Aren't we blessed?! Hugs, Karen

  3. Glad you're finally getting a bit of a break.

  4. I hope that all will go better for you now and I just adore the shuttles especially the purple one. I really want that one!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Sally,

    We are at the other end of the equation and trying to order our lives so that our daughters have an easier time of it at the end. I've begun giving things to them ahead of time, on approval. They don't have to take anything they don't really want. Daughters have gone through my jewelry boxes and that's been dolled out (not my tatted things though! LOL) I've put notes in all my books of where they need to go and my granddaughter has all her things marked also. Selling the house will be their biggest chore, but not if it is needed for someone to dwell within.
    I went through this with my Mom's demise, and Loyal went through both a Mom and a Father and a brother's passing. So we know the stress. That's why we are tying to down scale and make it easier for our kids (in their late 40's, not really "kids")

    Thinking of you with affection.


  6. The shuttles look yummy. I am glad that the stressful part of your life has passed. I am sorry you had to go through it and sorry for your loss. I hope life is easier and better here on out.
    I also hope the Postman brings you what you need!

  7. Thanks for all your supportive and wonderful comments, it really is comforting to know that others can appreciate what you are going through.

    No the postman has still not delivered the rods grrrrrr


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