Sunday 9 October 2011

Martha's Angels

Martha Ess's new tatting book "Playing with Picots" arrived in the mail on Friday. So  I just had to make the angels for this bit of heaven. As Martha has called them 'Big Sister Angel and 'Little Sister Angel' I named them - well what do you think?! 

Actually Jane looks like she is dancing!  Well come to think of it I'm doing a sort of wiggle too!

The book was waiting for me when I returned home after conducting a funeral service.  Before the service I spoke to the organist (a farmer) to confirm the music etc and learnt that the funeral director had asked him to play for this service after delivering a bull to his farm earlier in the week! The funeral director also keeps cattle. After the service another farmer who was in the congregation started discussing the price of lambs to the funeral director. But that was not the strangest thing about the funeral, apparently some people who attended the service found that they were at the wrong one.  They had read about it in the paper but there was also another deceased lady bearing the same surname and who had died at the same age 90 yrs in the same town and they had obviously read the wrong entry. Apparently they could not understand why I was referring to the deceased as Mary when they thought her name was Betty! This particular funeral service was in a church with a burial in the graveyard, whilst the one they should have been attending was later on in the day at the crematorium, so they had to sit through two funeral services on Friday!  So that is probably why I settled down to tat these angels after a bizarre day.

Martha's new book has many other interesting patterns, and I can't wait to try them out.

Thank you Martha  you are an angel!


  1. Oh, little sister, you really should know by now that I'm no angel. Moe a little devil!!!

  2. Monty Python comes to mind as you described your day...
    Fox : ))

  3. Whew, well you got through the strange funeral and I'm sure the angels helped ease your mind. They are truly lovely!

  4. LOL! I went to pick up a prescription today and the staff were extremely confused as another person with my same name had also been in on Friday to pick up/drop off prescriptions. I am aware of this person. We work for the same place and she lives (or did live) only 1 1/2 miles away. Confusion has reigned more than once but she is 20 years younger than me and has a different middle initial so I can usually set them all straight. I really thought one of us would get married by now but I suppose we're both too smart for that. (smile)

  5. ...later. I just came back from my son's where we all had dinner. We stepped out for a stroll with the kids and as we were coming home there was a weird sound in the air and a HUGE bird ( I thought it looked like a small flying dinosaur, but it was probably a very large hawk) flew by holding a squirrel it had plucked off the roof of the corner house, leaving another squirrel in complete distress as it cried out for its lost companion. It was horrible!

    I have never seen anything like that before. Your day does not sound as strange to me anymore... But, I did think of you when I got home and so...
    Now I will tat.
    Fox : 0

  6. Think of all the years of good stories you will have from this one.
    Like your angels. Yes I think Jane dancing around as a Angel so like her. Can't keep her down or slow her down . lol.
    Looking forward to my copy of Martha's book!

  7. Great job on the angels. That would be pretty weird to have to sit through two funerals - better if they were weddings, but then what if you'd already left your gift?? My husband had that trouble when he used to send me flowers at work from a popular florist. There is another man in town with the same name and we kept getting billed for all the flowers he sent - and he sent a lot! We finally had to change florists to fix the problem. More frustrating that weird.

  8. That's quite a funeral story!

    Love the angels! So cute to name them Jane and Sally!

    I believe this comment is actually going to go through (Blogger seems to have finally fixed the problem!), so once again I want to compliment your oak leaves! I thought I detected 'dimples' in them, which are very effective!

    Also I want you to know how much I'm enjoying using my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle! I received mine so quickly, and was amazed to hear that Sue Anna's package apparently took quite a journey and hopefully has arrived by now!

  9. I enjoyed your funeral story, funerals always seem to have funny little moments.
    I love your angels and gorgeous colours.


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