Thursday 6 October 2011

Oak Leaves

My attempt at an oak leaf has progressed into these, not sure if anyone else has designed such a leaf so will not claim it as my own, but I am willing to share this particular pattern if there is interest.

Some oak leaves which have been blown off the trees in the wind and the rain we are now having, the temperature has dropped at least 12 degrees since last week.

And some acorns turning a golden brown, just right for those greedy squirrels of which we have many.

"Great oaks from little acorns grow" - an old English Proverb 
Great things often have small beginnings.


OAK LEAF PATTERN © Sally Kerson 2011

R ring
Roch ring on chain
seta first half of double stitch
setab second half of double stitch
Ch chain
Cl close
vsp very small picot
+ join
Lj lock join
T & C tie and cut

Materials required: size 20 thread

Wind 2 shuttles with the continuous thread method 1 ½ yds shuttles 1
3 ½ yds shuttle 2

Begin by securing with paper clip or safety pin forming 1st picot.

Ch: p 8 SS
Roch 1: 6 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 2 vsp 4 Cl SS
Ch: 6 SS
Roch 2: 4 + R1 4 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 6 vsp 2 Cl SS
SCMR ch 5
R3: 2 + R2 12 (seta x 6 setab x 6 ) 10 vsp 2 Cl
Ch: 5
R4: 2 + R3 6 (seta x 6 setab x 6 ) 4 (seta x 6 setab x 6)
4 (seta x 6 seta b x 6) 6 vsp 2 Cl
Ch: 5
R5: 2 + R4 12 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 10 vsp 2 Cl
Ch: 5
R6: 2 + R5 6 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 4 vsp 4 CL
Ch : 6 Lj to bottom R1 (opposite) SS
Roch 7: 4 + R6 2 (seta x 6 setab x 6) 6 Cl SS
Ch 8 join to first picot

make tail with which ever method you wish. T & C


  1. Love the oak leaves!

    English acorns are so nicely shaped - ours are just little balls, not so pretty.

  2. Pretty colours and well done - you got there in the end with the design and all it's traumas.

  3. Always interested in patterns! I'd even pay! Love the leaves!

  4. Nice oak leaves, and I don't think I have an oak leaf pattern. I'd love to see the pattern too.

  5. The leaves look great! I love fall and the colors of fall, so the colors you used are perfect!!

  6. Your leaves look great,and they look so real well done.

  7. Thanks everyone will put the pattern on this post.


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