Tuesday 25 October 2011

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"

William Shakespeare's words from Romeo and Juliet, mine may not have quite the same sentiments, but during the last month or so I have been parting and saying goodbye, not to people but to objects.  The attic clearance continues, but the end is in sight.   Just finding it hard to throw away items that have been up there for years but have no use and are just kept out of sentimentality.
Another parting which will take place next weekend will be these pop-a-bobbin shuttles, they are ready to go to Jane to list in her Etsy shop.  There is a good selection of different woods, most shuttles have hooks on them but there are a few without.  In a way it is sad to see them go as they do look so beautiful.

And here are a few items from our time in Hong Kong many years ago, no idea why the inflatables were kept but the children's pajamas are so cute.  They are though well worn so all are destined for the dustbin in the next few days.  "parting is such sweet sorrow".  But we do have many other items to remind us of our time in the far East and they are at least on display, not stored in an attic.

I was surprised and delighted that so many people viewed the pendants that I made in the last post and thank you to all who generously commented.  Kathy asked how I managed to attach the findings, beads and tatting.  Well here are the findings, no idea where they came from just found them amongst some beads that I have had for years. Basically I tat around them (including the beads on long picots) and cut tie and hide the ends.  Then to finish I take another piece of thread which is doubled,  attach the top ring finding then pull the threads  through a small bead then a larger bead which the tatting/finding fits snuggly around and then it is a matter of threading more beads and using a single thread for the last dangle and that is fed up to the middle where the ends are tied.


  1. More yummy shuttles to list - that'll keep me quiet and the ladies at the Post Office amused when I take them down and have a giggle with them all.

  2. Thanks so much for the great description of how you made the pendants! Those are very unusual-looking bead caps (sometimes called bell caps), and they certainly have room to get a hook into! Possibly they can be found on the internet somewhere!

    We are also in the midst of 'letting go' of things from our past, but I'm afraid we've done more 'sorting and labeling' than actually 'parting with'! It's just too emotionally distressing, and was always something we were going to do 'sometime' in the future. Well, the future is here, but we haven't adjusted to it yet!

    Jane will be busy mailing out these wonderful shuttles! I love my Pop-A-Bobbin and consider it the ultimate bobbin shuttle! Love the crochet hook! My experiences with my wood shuttles makes a nice story, and I'll write all about it when I finally get back to posting. I'm so grateful you went into this venture and I very much appreciate the work that goes into crafting them!

  3. I hope I manage to get one of the hooked shuttles this time! - and I also hope that commenting will work this time - let's see!

  4. Is there Olive wood shuttles in this batch!!? I think I may stay up all night to get one of them. I love these shuttles!!

  5. Yes Jeff there is an Olive Wood shuttle, Jane is talking about time schedules at the moment.


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