Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nearly there!

This is my 199th post and to celebrate my 200th there will be a "giveaway", so do come back then, to see what it is.  

I started a blog in April 2009 and have averaged just over 60 posts a year. This does not seem many especially compared to some people who obviously have a lot more time and energy than I do, but at least I am consistent!

My latest tatting project has been these necklaces.

Looking at Jane's star motif which is here, it just shouted out to be turned into a necklace.

The left hand one is made with the Lizbeth thread that Jane choose the colour combination for, Pink Cocoa.

The one on the right is using HDT given to me by Sue Anna

'Im in the garage has had a nasty cold which he then passed on to me.  Because of this shuttle production grounded to a halt for awhile.  

However, he is now back in the garage and is about to start the hook holders. He is going to make a few single ones and is also planning to make some double ended ones.  The only problem is that he doesn't know what sizes the two hooks should be on each end of the double ones. What  sizes are preferred for these? Any help will be much appreciated with this problem!   


  1. The sizes I use all the time are 0.75 for joining, and 0.4 for loading beads.
    Your necklaces are lovely, I especially like the pink one!

  2. Your necklaces are so pretty! I hope you recover from your cold quickly.

    Hook size... 12 and 14 seem to be the ones I use most often, but maybe that's because they're the ones sitting by my chair! ; )

  3. I love these necklaces! What a brilliant idea to turn Jane's star motif into such gems?!

    I'm really looking to buy some crochet needles that would fit into the size 11 seed beads. What size would it be? For the other end, 1 size larger shd be good! Any help?

  4. My favourite size is 0.4mm ones. LOVE the necklaces - specially the blue one. What a clever idea, little sister.

  5. How time flies! Nearly 200 posts and I have read every single one of them, some twice or more.

    I look everyday to see if you have posted!

    Congratulations! I hope to see many hundreds more.
    Fox ; ))

  6. The necklaces are gorgeous!
    I don't generally use hooks since I don't do beads. But I love buying hooks because I want to do beads lol
    So, any advice I might give wouldn't really be warranted. :o)
    Congrats on keeping up your blog!

  7. Your necklaces are lovely and the blue one is gorgeous.

    I use size 12 or 1mm hook

  8. Love those beautiful necklaces!! :)

  9. I think you do just great with your excellent blog! Your posts are always informative and interesting!

    And the shuttle production - a true family enterprise - has been amazing to watch develop and grow.

    With all your activities, I'm amazed you even have time to tat!
    These necklaces are beautiful! I love the way you attached the motifs together!

  10. Really, really nice necklaces - especially the pink one.
    I mainly use .4 (#16) hook for beads and the hook on my Aeros for joining.
    Congratulations and thank you for your blog. You always have interesting and informative posts. Karen in OR


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