Wednesday 8 August 2012

Across the Miles

In May, Jess from Tat-ilicious held a giveaway and invited people to think of  new colourways for her HDT.  My suggestion was teal, purple, grey and ruby red and I named it 'Night Thunder'.  Although I was not the winner, Jess kindly set me this skein made up of the colours.  It is gorgeous and much much better than the picture.  I feel a necklace coming on, unless anyone else has a better suggestion?!  Looking forward to seeing Jess at tat days in September and being tempted with all her other delicious HDT.

Before Christmas I made a white cross from Martha Ess's pattern book 'Playing with Picots' and then I posted it to Ireland. The mother of a little girl who was to be confirmed in May needed it for her dress. I believe it was a second hand dress and she wanted it to look a little different.

I have only met this family a couple of times in my life whilst visiting Ireland but yesterday I received a photograph of Abby (with her sister Ruth) wearing her dress and you can just about see the cross on it.  But look also at the Atlantic sea in the background, a beautiful part of the world "God's country".

Abby also sent me this sweet note.

Tatting certainly brings you closer to people.


  1. I am looking forward to meeting you as well :o)
    The note from Abigail is so sweet! Kids are the best. :o)

  2. What a sweet little girl and I CAN see the cross. Roll on Tat Days.

  3. What a lovely thing you did to make Abby's dress different. It looked wonderful, love that cross!

  4. Lovely thread, I look forward to seeing what you do with it.
    That's a great cross and how nice to have a thank you letter, these days that does not happen very often, I have that book must have a look at that cross, it looks a really nice pattern

  5. What a darling note from wee Abigail! Makes me smile from ear to ear. Thanks for sharing that, Sally!
    Fox : )

  6. Fox Abby's note was so special as I do not have any grandchildren and have only met these two litte children twice and for a very short time (they will not have remembered me). Others of my age might take the luxury of such notes, and in particular children's drawings for granted but I don't and it did make me smile from ear to ear!

  7. That's a beautiful story about the cross, and what sweet little girls!

  8. Lovely story. I think the tatted cross was a really good way to make the dress special. The thank you note is something to treasure.

  9. Marvelous story! That's definitely a very special cross on a very special dress. And the sweetest photo, not to mention the adorable card!

    Fortunately I still have photos of wearing my First Communion dress and veil in 1951. It was a big day - and the Mass was still in Latin back then. It's nice to see the
    veil and dress tradition still continues.


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