Wednesday 29 August 2012

Eucalyptus Wood

Earlier this year Trayna e.mailed me and asked whether 'Im in the garage, would like some Eucalyptus wood from a tree that had been damaged in a storm. She needed a rather quick decision on this as the postage rates in the UK were just about to go up considerably.  So we said yes and here is one of the shuttles made out of the wood, it is currently flying up to Scotland to where Trayna lives.

There is a story behind this Eucalyptus Tree, a very special story, which Trayna will no doubt tell you before too long and so this shuttle will mean a lot to her.

Jane commented on my last blog post about there being a 'Bling War' between us at the the forthcoming Tat Days, all I can say is that I have very little tatting bling to wear but I have made these earrings to take with me. The thread sparkles but the photograph does not really show this.

At the moment I am unable to comment on blogs that require word verification, this is very frustrating and I wonder if anyone else is having a similar problem?   


  1. Lovely earrings.
    I took word verification off mine as I find it hard to read the words since blogger has made more changes. Still very safe as I still have to moderate and let the comments through. The odd spam comes through but I'm a great one for the 'delete' button!!!

  2. I've given up trying to comment on blogs with those awful word things which you can't hope to decipher!They have been getting harder and harder to see recently.

    I think all of your jewellery will come into it's own at the Palmettos banquet - you will both sparkle!

  3. very pretty earrings. I don't know about a war, but you both will look very spiffy. Have a really great time on this side of the pond.

  4. Thank you for visiting and commenting on the garden posts. I must say it is worth a visit but I bet any flower or garden show in England will beat the Flower Dome hands down.

  5. Ain't these gorgeous and very bling?! I love them. I think you'll look great in these earrings. Have fun @Tat Days.


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