Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tat Day Bling!

I have not been very good at looking at all the blog posts latterly because of other more pressing things to do before leaving for the USA.  Tatting has also been very slow but this afternoon, when I was supposed to be clearing up, I decided to do a project that has been waiting for months.

Last year I purchased this pendant initially to use the rings on it to tat with but when I looked at them more closely they were not uniform and so whatever I did with them would probably not have worked. I don't know what was originally on the silver disc as it had fallen off before I purchased the item.  I paid only £1 for the pendant but the original price ( in perfect condition) was £15.00!  It is quite heavy so I will know when it is around my neck!  

I have just seen the jewellery that Jane is making so don't want to look like a 'plain Jane' beside her, or in my case 'plain Sally' do !?

You may notice the drops of rain around the pendant, it has been pouring over here on and off all day and as it is dark, the best light was outside to take the photographs.
The button motif is not glued on yet, just left it in the garage for that, my first Tat Day Bling.
 I might even have time to make some more!


  1. So does this mean that us two sisters are going to have a bling war?!?!? What fun!

  2. Cool! Let the bling war begin... just make sure we see what each side is wearing so that we know what all the fuss is about!

  3. Put me on that list and of course Marilee! lol
    I just think we all we be the fashionable ones. Lovely pendant!

  4. Add Marilee and me to that list! lol
    I just think we will be in high fashion. What a lovely pendant can't wait to see in person.

  5. I hope you have a great time in the US, and I am sure you will not be the plain Sally beside Jane .


  6. I think that button motif is stunning! It's perfect on the pendant!

  7. This silver disc works very well for your bling. Now you are no plain Sally any longer. Great job! (Oops, now what will Jane say?)


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