Thursday 4 October 2012


I am like a child in a sweetie (candy) shop at the moment!  Since coming home from tat days I have so much choice of threads, beads and findings that I just don't have enough hours in the day to put them to good use.  Regularly now I pick out thread and beads to match ready for the next project, however before I get to it some other colourway has grabbed my attention!

For many years I have admired Jane's bracelet pattern and thought it would be too difficult to tat, but now I have mastered it I can't stop making bracelets. These two are promised to people already and I am going to make a few more for the Christmas Fayre.  I also would like to carry on with the pattern and make a necklace.

The left one is made with Lizbeth thread and the right one is using HDT from Yarnplayer called warm dark brown, a lovely shade.  Thank you Sue Anna for giving it to me along with so many other beautiful threads.
Thank you also to Sandra and Joanie who kindly took Jane and myself to craft supply shops whilst we were with them, there was so much choice and so many bargains!


  1. Very pretty bracelets! Sounds as though you're enjoying yourself, great.

  2. They are so pretty!! I have the same problem after tat days, it´s so much to chose from! But it´s a nice problem :)

  3. Beautiful bracelets, lovely design.

  4. Love that HDT. SO warm looking.

  5. These are wonderful! I love seeing the tatted stitches, with a
    Touch of beads in the right places. Indeed you have mastered Jane's pattern!! These will make wonderful gifts!

  6. You have a way with tatted jewelry that disarms my normally impenetrable defenses. These are truly lovely and would be a joy (even for a bauble curmudgeon like me) to wear.

    Well done!

  7. These are gorgeous! How do I get on your Christmas list? Haha.

  8. Wow!! Those are fabulous!!! Great colors and design!!! :)


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