Saturday 27 October 2012

Extra hour in bed!

The clocks go back this evening so I am looking forward to an extra hour in bed, but not much chance at the moment as I am tatting like mad to get items ready for a Christmas Fayre.  The temperature outside is freezing and some parts of the UK are said to have been colder than Moscow this weekend brrrrrrrr.

So to get in the mood here are some snow flakes, the first one is Martha Ess's Circles and Squares, this is my favourite snowflake pattern and just for a change I have worked it in silver and white thread.

This one is my own design, but it looks like a lot of others so can't really claim the fame! However, I do think the bugle beads enhance the snowflake, sorry that it is a little bit off centre, always find it difficult to scan finished items.

Well back to tatting - more to show you  soon!


  1. Lovely snowflakes, I am going to enjoy my extra hours sleep tonight too.

  2. Both snowflakes are lovely!! Great work, Sally!

    We're supposed to have cooler weather tomorrow - right now it's 73 degrees here (about 23 degrees Celsius, according to the gadget on my desktop) and a fine evening. We went for a short ride and ate some good barbecue, so now we're home and I'm back on the computer!

  3. I like BOTH your snowflakes! - was the silver/white thread hard to work with?

  4. These snowflakes are pretty! The silver and white threads work really well together! I would tat the snowflake you designed in those threads! Like the idea of adding a bugle bead at the point. I'll try that in my next snowflake. :)

  5. What a coincidence. I was just look at the same Martha Ess pattern and thinking if I should tat that. I think you made up my mind. The bugle beads do add a sparkle.

  6. Your snowflakes are beautiful!! :)

  7. Love your snowflakes! Here in Sweden we have had some more snow now, but it´s only about -3 celcius, so not very cold!

  8. Thanks for all your comments, just been tatting for a whole week with hardly a rest!
    Maureen the silver and white thread was not hard to work with and I just love the effect.


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