Saturday, 3 November 2012

Christmas Fayre

Today  there was a Christmas Fayre at the church and I took along my tatting to sell, I have actually been tatting so furiously in the last few weeks  in order to have enough to sell.  The larger items such as necklaces did not sell but the lower priced items sold quite well, they included earrings and Christmas baubles. These leaf earrings are using Jane's pattern which can be found here. Although I have to say not one of them sold!

I took along these earrings too. Barbara Hevener who I met in the USA designed the Christmas Wreaths  I am very grateful to her for sharing the pattern it really is very clever and very effective and I was so pleased to meet her in person.

The little seahorses are again Jane's pattern and they look so cute but I did not sell any of these little chaps either!  The earrings that sold the best were Marilee's Giddy earrings from her book 'Tatted Jewelery', which are such fun to make and yes I also met Marilee in the USA!.   So all the items that I made for today and did not sell will be packed away for another year.  I must just add that we live in a village, not a big town and so there were not that many people around for the few hours that the Fayre was open.

I just feel that I have now got my life back and can stop tatting for a few days in order to catch up with other things.  People have no idea how time consuming tatting is and so are unprepared to pay for the time that is spent making the items.


  1. Love those leaf earrings, Sally. They are beautiful.
    Fox : )

  2. Lovely earrings! I have tried to sell too, in a little village, and sold maybe four earrings in four hours. So I sit there just to show what tatting is, and hope that someone maybe wants to start tatting!

  3. those are all pretty items, sorry that they didn't sell. maybe Jane can add them to her etsy shop and you can sell them that way.
    I like the leaves.

  4. Yes, Tatting does tend to take over - especially when you are very slow at it, as I am! The earrings are very cute, shame they didn't sell.

  5. Put your earrings and things in Jane's shop. I bet they will sell. :) lovely jewelry .

  6. It's a shame that you didn't sell everything, after putting a lot of effort into making things for the fayre! I know the feeling. You have to have enough to make the table look good, but it doesn't all sell. Love the seahorses, I must look for the pattern. I have used Jane's bigger version on children's pillowcases, but these ones are cute too.

  7. Oh how wonderful everything looks!! :)


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