Thursday 8 November 2012

Must stop buying Christmas Baubles!

Although I did not sell very much at the Christmas Fayre the baubles were quite popular and prior to the event I spent hours tatting around them, and have continued in the same vain!  If I stop I know that I will never start again until the last minute before they are needed next year.  Having a good display also means that there is plenty of choice.  I have bought so many of these baubles that I must now stop and complete the ones I have, but the temptation this time of the year is too great, especially when I see them in the shops!   Here are the ones I have been working on over the last week.

They are relatively quick to make and use up thread and beads that I have had for a long time.  

I am also tempted when seeing buttons, these are my latest purchase from a charity shop.
The purple one is 1 1/4" across! 

More shuttles are in the process of being made and I hope to show you some pictures next time, included in the next batch are some post ones.


  1. What lovely colours when they're all together like that. You've got me back on buttons. Just been finding some out of my stash to play with tonight!!!

  2. Pretty baubles, Sally!

    i have to tell you , I jump every time I go to your blog and suddenly see something moving on my screen! I am as bad as my cat!

    Maybe you can switch with the season to snowflakes - NO!!! Maybe it will not snow and palm trees will bloom...
    Fox : ))

  3. I know I should comment how your baubles are so pretty, but I am stuck on how pretty the reflection, of the clouds, is on the black one.


  4. Great Christmas ornaments!!! :)

  5. I love these! They are fantastic! Would you consider taking a picture on all sides, top and bottom too? My mom has wanted some of these for years and they are either too comple or "busy" for me to do a set.
    They really are lovely!

  6. Good way of using up thread and beads. Very pretty.

  7. Jane can't wait to see what you do with your buttons.
    Fox I will take off the leaves in a moment!
    Oh Jess I spent ages trying not to get a reflection but of course found the exercise impossible! It was a lovely sunny day today, but yes there were a few clouds.
    Thanks God's kid
    Michelle I will do that and put them on the blog soon. The pattern is similar to the small bauble but instead of chains and beads coming down to the bottom I used a lock chain. Will explain how I assemble the baubles too.

  8. Your baubles are beautiful, and I think they would look lovely gracing any tree!

  9. The baubles have definitely started my festive mood! Very pretty. I know I have a packet of these sitting/hiding in my cupboard somewhere. I'll have to now go search for them and tat! Thanks, Sally!

  10. Great baubles, Lovely colours. No wonder you sold sow many.
    Great buttons, hope to see what you do with them

  11. Jane your Christmas balls are gorgeous, they are a total transformation.I havent been tatting long and havent tried anything so creative yet. I like to use my tatting to embellish card and boxes that I make.At the moment I am having trouble with twisted peacots and would appreciate if you could give me any advice.
    Hope you can help
    Till next time
    Susan x

  12. Thank you Diane, Val, Margaret and Connie.
    Susan - my sister is Jane, so I will pass her over to you as she is the real expert on tatting. I'm sure that very soon you will be doing more adventurous tatting, its addictive!

  13. As the recipient of one of your marvelous baubles (for your 100th post!), I'm still in awe of it and how 'cute' it is! You used some kind of 'fine' silver metallic thread along with deep red, and it shimmers and shines! And, of course, it has lots of beads! And at least you do actually tat on the baubles you buy! I can't tell you how many ornaments of all kinds I have stashed around this house waiting for tatting to be added. It's kind of scary, actually!


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