Sunday, 23 August 2015

A hat for Winter

At the moment every time I pick up shuttles to do some tatting, I just fail to achieve anything. Whatever I try to make ends up being thrown away, so much time is wasted not to mention thread.  So I decided to crochet a hat, now I have had a pattern for such a hat which must be 40 years old and I never seemed to manage to actually sit down and make it.  So on Friday I did, went out and bought some wool and came home and crocheted the hat. Although it does not look like the one shown with the instructions, only because I made some adaptations. 

And now a selfie!  The colour of the hat looks a bit different as the photograph was taken in the evening with artificial light.

Here is what the hat is supposed to look like but I wanted it taller so it came down a little more over my ears, to keep them warm!  I also embellished the hat with crochet flowers and of course added buttons to the middle of them.

Also the model wearing the hat is a lot younger and more glamorous and she obviously did not take the photograph herself, there were no 'selfies' in those days.  I bet she didn't crochet the hat either!


  1. Funnily enough, the young model looks like a younger

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    1. Thanks Fox - you have made my day, week no year!

  3. That's a great picture of you. I did prefer the other photo you showed me although the hat wasn't as pretty on that one (fewer flowers). I know the feeling over tatting. Sometimes I go through the doldrums too. Shame - but I know you'll be back to it soon. After all it's our inheritance from Nanny Guyver.

  4. Oh I like this hat, better than the pattern picture and love the extra flowers I would wear this hat it looks warm too! Nice job :)

  5. Nice to see you too have got your crochet out! Great hat! It'll cheer up the grey winter days.

  6. Your hat is much lovelier! Great selfie!

  7. Your hat is much more fun, with flowers and all!

  8. I agree with Fox - you and the model look alike!

    Though you look like more FUN!

    Great hat - super cute!

  9. Your hat is fabulous and I think far better than the original!!!!! :)

  10. I like your hat much better. (I like your picture better than the model's, too - your smile is genuine, hers is a 'professional' smile.)

  11. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. It is very hard to smile when you are taking a 'selfie' as your arms are in a funny position trying to hold the camera at the right angle!


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