Saturday 14 September 2019

Lavender Bags

Managed to get three lavender bags made today. The bags themselves are a dark purple colour but look quite grey in the photograph.  They smell gorgeous and I plan to make more. 

The other week I completed these pin cushions, the left hand one is for myself as my old one has faded and looks a complete mess.  They are such fun to make.

What I love doing is choosing the buttons for the centre of the pin cushions, getting the right shape, colour and size. 


  1. Your lavender bags have worked out really well! Wish I could smell them. It’s quite a while since I made pin cushions like that, perhaps I should revisit them.

  2. The lavender bags are gorgeous!

  3. The lavender bags are lovely! What do you stuff the pincushions with? The only time I made one I used toy stuffing and it was an abject failure.

  4. Also find the lavender bags to be unique and a great idea! And I'm also curious how the pincushions are made and stuffed - they look so perfect! Great fabrics, too!

    1. Kathy they are just stuffed with polyester stuffing, which is light and flexible. I was given small bits of fabric which are ideal for them


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