Friday 27 September 2019

Tiny Star

Really love this little star pattern which can be found on Jane’s pattern page 

I am hoping to use them on small Christmas cards as a decoration. Over the years have accumulated so many plain cards and envelopes and have been meaning to use them, but never quite managed to find something that will work.  Perhaps these stars will, must try them out soon.

Each one has been tatted with two threads wound together, the star on the far right sparkles but unfortunately this does not show up in the picture.


  1. Yes, they should be ideal for cards.

  2. They seem perfect to place upon a tiny tree on a card🌲

  3. At the Qld Tatters meeting this morning, we were decorating cards with scraps of tatting, these little stars would have been ideal! I can't remember having seen the pattern,I like it a lot.

  4. They're so pretty! I also have a lot of plain cards that I've intended to decorate with tatting. These would be perfect!


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