Friday 12 June 2009

Church Tower

We have just had the Weather Vane on our oldest church restored, it was previously in a very sorry state broken and rusty. A local blacksmith took it down from the tower and mended it and now it resides in all it's golden glory back on the top of the church tower, as you can see from the picture. If you look at the very first photograph on my blog and click to enlarge it you will see the weather vane before restoration. I didn't take this particular photograph, climbing up scaffolding would be too scary, but the view from the top of the tower looking over the countryside is magnificent.
This church also has two bells, not great sounding ones, but they still call the people to worship on a Sunday. The tatted bell is a design by "big sis" and when I scanned the bell I put angel hair around it to make it a bit more mystic, not sure if it does though!


  1. Ring a ding ding. Love the new weather vane. It's obviously gold plated!!!!! Brilliant view of the countryside too.

  2. Your tatted bell is pretty. :)


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