Monday 15 June 2009

Out with the "Bag Lady!"

If you have been reading my sister's blog you will know that I was in her area at the weekend, and that we went to see the man who was selling bags on the market. What she didn't tell you was that when she showed him the tatting embellishments on her bag, he very gruffly said, "you didn't buy that from here" - and then he stopped and looked at the bag and Jane explained that she had "tarted it up" or should I say "tatted it up" ! He then recognised his merchandise, smiled and smiled even more when he sold me a bag.

So here it is before and after - and Gina you had to come off the front again!
Also like Jane I didn't tat anything special for the bag, these bits were already done. Even the bell from the last blog entry stopped ringing and jumped on the bag!
(The colour of the bag looks slightly different, this is because one photo was taken inside and the other outside - but it is the same bag - honest)


  1. Poor Gina, removed again!!! The GB badge seems to make for a good needle puller, though. Don't throw it away, little sis!!!
    I'm VERY tempted to get another bag in that colour next Friday. Yours looks SO pretty.

  2. HA ha! Thank YOU Sally, now I understand the whole "Gina you had to come off the front again" joke since you were kind enough to show the Gina logo on the front. To be honest I really didn't get Jane's post at all, LOL!

    Sally, I LOVE the beaded snowflake that you just put on the front. It is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT!!! YUMMMM!

  3. What an amazing pair of sisters the two of you are! - did you tat together as children? You've each chosen my favourite colours, pink and green. My sister and I are poles apart in taste and pastimes!
    The cross is my favourite motif on your bag, Sally.

  4. hmmm...well, I'd feel really popular there in the UK except you keep ripping me off and disposing of me or putting me to work pulling needles! LOL! Your bag is lovely Sally and the scarf you have it setting on really makes it shine. I love the beaded snowflake - looks like it was made for it!

  5. Sally, you and Jane have something going there, your bag is the perfect place to show off your tatting. Very nice!

  6. Ta for all your comments - Glad you got the Gina joke - poor Gina! No Maureen Jane is 7 yrs older than me so by the time I learnt to tat from our grandmother Jane had left home! Suppose I've only taken tatting seriously in the last nine or so years. Anyway thanks again you are all so fun to talk to.


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