Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Before throwing things away into the bin, we are all encouraged these days to recycle, so whatever we do not want anymore can be used or recycled into something else. I'm sure we all do our bit to help the environment in this respect. Sometimes when I buy clothes I will notice the embellishments on them, particularly the buttons and think, um I could cut them off and use them for something else later. The picture shows a skirt, which I am still wearing but have decided to cut the beads off the front of the waistband, mainly because they cannot be seen when wearing a top and also they are beginning to become loose anyway. You will have to click onto the picture to enlarge it to see the tiny little things. I've used the beads for this very pretty little heart which is one of my sister's patterns. The metal insert I purchased in Hong Kong, many, many years ago when I lived there, but may be that's called hoarding, not recycling! The metal insert is not exactly the same as it doesn't have so many holes in it, but nevertheless it seems to work.
I do like following Jane's patterns, suppose I've grown up with them! This particular pattern is very clever especially the way the beads are added, its the first time I've worked this heart so even more thrilled that it turned out so well.
The flip-flops as you can see have begun to deposit little clumps of beads around the house, so they are also being cut off and used on other tatting projects.


  1. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia Europe
    thank you

  2. Ooh, that is very pretty! The metal center makes for a very interesting focal point. The two outer rings and the three rings beneath look like butterflies on either side.

  3. Good for you for recycling those beads. I've done that too with embellishments from clothes, LOL! I've gotten so far as the cutting off...now the reusing I haven't gotten to, yet, LOL! I guess that counts as hoarding, too.

  4. Yup I hoard all the buttons from clothes, can't help it.

  5. I'm going to try commenting from another computer!!! I'll not be left out!!! Love the colour choice and VIVA recycling, eh?

  6. I keep buttons too - grew up with Granny's button box, and I have continued the tradition.The heart is very cheerful and bright in those colours!
    I've seen the metal centres, our Spotlight sells them in the jewellery fixings section, in various designs.

  7. Thanks for all the comments, now gone crazy making these, see profile pic!! Maureen where do you live? Not heard of Spotlight, haven't seen those inserts in 30 yrs - amazing!
    I'm going to blog the buttons I was given soon!!

  8. Australia, Sally - specifically, Brisbane in Queensland. Spotlight is our big Craft chain, also sells curtains, sheets etc.
    Next time I'm there, I'll have a look for the metal centres.

  9. Spoke to my son in Singapore yesterday and he told me all about the Spotlight craft store, in fact he said thats where he got jewelery findings for me from!! Wish there was a store here!!


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