Tuesday 7 July 2009

Black Earrings

I've seen many blogs where tatters have mislaid patterns, and yes I've done that also. This time though I just can't find a particular ball of cotton, where has it gone? I have started a project and it was one of the colours that was part of a design and now I can't find this particular coloured cotton. I've looked absolutely everywhere, even tidied up whilst searching, which isn't a bad thing. Its strange how tatting and all the equipment that goes with it spreads around the place. I was talking to my sister Jane on Saturday and she said she even gets beads stuck underneath the keys on her computer keyboard! Anyway I've abandoned the project and decided to start something else in the hope that the cotton will turn up when I'm not expecting it.

Meanwhile I am showing you the lovely birthday present I received from my son and his girlfriend in Singapore, with a very distinctive clue to the company that designed them. The tatted earrings are some I made years ago when I was experimenting with my own patterns, before I learnt techniques like SR and SCMRs. They look a little bit like spiders! I don't have pierced ears so they have never been worn, must give them to someone who possibly would like to wear them.


  1. BOth earrings are lovely! Hope you find that ball of thread soon! :)

  2. Earrings don't enter my consciousness, since I don't wear them, but i like your, because they remind me very much of a pair my mother used to wear in the "50's - they were made of jet.
    The reference to the company that made them sailed right over my head! - and I am intrigued, so please elaborate!
    If you lose something, you have to stop looking for it. Then it will return to you, when you least expect it.Susanne - "Dantatter" - is from Denmark, and she says that you have to make rice pudding and put it on the top of the highest cupboard, or in the attic of your house.It's to placate the mischievous house pixies who have hidden your thread, and they will
    bring it back.
    Can't hurt to try it, I lost a special pair of tiny gold scissors a few years ago, and followed the instructions -within a few days, the scissors appeared.

  3. your earings look very nice, the letter D is very impressive. I too am wondering just which company they would represent.
    oh Maureen, I will have to remember that about the rice pudding.

  4. Well obviously you all do not move in the right fashion circles!! The earrings are made by Christian Dior - so they are fab in my eyes! Jet is a lovely stone and I've some jewellery items made from it - very Victorian.
    The rice pudding it is then!

  5. Hope the rice pudding works!!!! I'd need to cover our roof with rice pudding to find all the stuff I've 'lost' in this house. Well, you know the permanent muddle we live in, Sally!!!!!!
    Love the earwigs - both pairs.

  6. Lovely earrings, both pair. Black always looks so elegant. I do hope you find your thread soon. I have misplaced thread too. I hate when that happens. It eventually turns up and I wonder... why I put it where I found it. LOL!


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