Saturday, 13 February 2010

Him in the Garage!

It is the eve of Chinese New Year so thought you might like to see the Christmas present my son who lives in Singapore, gave "him in the garage". This sign is now stuck on the door of the garage which leads from the hall way of our house and it is where the shuttle making takes place. And the bottle opener which was also in the Christmas parcel

Here are the wood blanks ready to be shaped into shuttles, note the ebony on the right of the picture, which arrived by post this week.

Last Saturday morning you would have seen me walking through the streets of our nearest town carrying an adult beaver costume in one hand and a parcel containing tatting shuttles in the other, as I made my way to the main Post Office. If I had been wearing the beaver costume people would have probably noticed me! Instead as I queued in the Post Office, I looked like any other person on a busy Saturday morning. After a little while I was directed to a counter by a number and handed the precious little parcel to the woman working there. She did ask me if there was anything valuable inside, anything valuable?! Of course there was, but she hardly wanted to hear that it contained tatting shuttles, she probably didn’t know what a tatting shuttle was. I said farewell to the shuttles and wished them a safe journey from the South to the Middle of England and they duly arrived at my sister’s house on Monday morning. In the afternoon she started to sell them and now they are all gone, it was amazing how quickly they sold and some are probably still flying around the world somewhere!
Hopefully, there will be quite a few shuttles ready by next weekend when we plan to take ourselves and the shuttles by car to the Midlands.

(In case you are curious to why I was carrying an adult beaver costume, well I was on my way to a Scout meeting - will show you pictures of the costume at a later date - but not with me wearing it!)


  1. Great pictures of 'im in the garage. I'd recognise him anywhere. Could I ask (before anybody else does!) what the wood is at the back of the picture and the one at the side and front? They both are darker than t'others. The ebony looks FABULOUS. I'm going to add myself to the 'wish list' I'm keeping!!!!

  2. There are a lot of unmade shuttles in those piles of wood! - which is a cheering thought. Shuttles and beavers - you lead an interesting life, Sally!

  3. That is a cute story. I was waiting to hear what happened to the beaver costume, LOL!

  4. Looks like he'll NEVER be able to leave the garage now!
    Fox : ))

  5. Right Jane been into the garage - the darker woods are oak and walnut.
    Yep there is a lot of wood there Maureen and yes Beaver Scouts are another part of my life!
    Tatting Chic the story behind the beaver costume is worth telling, and there is more to come for the beaver will soon have a name and will be invested into Scouts!
    Actually Fox you are right, but the garage is still very very cold!

  6. What a tantalizing peek into the "No Beer No Dad" zone! Sending warm wishes to you and "'im in the garage!"

  7. Let me get this straight (barely muffled laughter). Jane is in the Midlands, with knickers; whilst, you are on the streets with a Beaver Costume. hummm Sounds like two women I need to chum around with! I, myself!, have black fingernails with red holographic (tiny) stars stuck on (thumb and ring finger). Does that qualify me?
    Can't wait for my shuttle to arrive, I chose Cherry!
    hugs, Bev

  8. 'im in the garage is a treasure who was waiting to be discovered. Keep 'im at it!
    Do tell/show us more about the Beaver.

  9. Well Bev I reckon those cool fingernails do qualify you! Its a mad mad family!
    Tatskool you will have to wait a little longer to see a photo of the Beaver, but I asure you it will be worth it!

  10. Sally, I've just realised that i don't have your email address! - so must let you know here that my shuttle has just arrived, and that I love it to bits. It's tactile, light and beautiful, and I'm so happy with my choice of an elm one.
    I'd like to put my name down for an ebony shuttle, please - and please tell your wonderful'im in the garage how excited I am. My "dabbling woodworker" DH has been admiring the workmanship and was just as interested in the grand opening of the parcel as I was! (He makes trains in our garage, but requires airconditioning to be able to spend time there! So we had the ducting extended into that space when we built the house).

  11. Maureen I'm so pleased you like the shuttle and that is has gone all the way to the other side of the world! I will tell 'im in the garage how excited you are. Its unbelievable that your DH needs airconditioning and mine is so cold that there is a oil heater on all the time he is working in the garage! The ebony is still in the blocks you can see in the picture above, looks like they will be next on the list to be made.


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