Friday, 24 December 2010


As I would imagine with everyone who makes tatted gifts for friends and relations at Christmas,  unless they have been very well prepared in advance, time runs out and it means a frantic dive into stash or making something very simple.  I went to a friends house this week and she had all the tatted pieces that I had made over the years displayed and I hardly recognized them, rarely do I keep any examples myself.   I made these three very quickly as time just ran out!

The churches are decorated for Christmas 

At home we have the Christmas Pyramid out

Complete with figures including a cherub band

A German Oompah Band

A Vicar and choir

And an African Nativity Scene

As you can see when the candles are alight they all go round and round! 

A Very Happy and 
Blessed Christmas to everyone


  1. Lovely decorations and the Christmas Pyramid is quite exquisit!

  2. Love the decorations - merry merry merry!
    Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. A blessed Christmas to you Sally and 'im in the garage!
    I, too, have a Swedish decoration similar to yours, 'cept it is 'candle powered and revolves from the heat of the candles. However, all my Christmas decorations ~ including my Frankoma nativity from the 40's ~ are all boxed up. Just not enough energy to get it all out; and, no one else seems interested. A shame! I was always a holiday is one thing that my youngest remembers about growing up! I suppose that is what counts; that I was able to do it when it had meaning. She continues the 'traditions' in her home.
    Christmas blessings to you; I really hope we can make Christmas eve services, but with Loyal having pneumonia; probably not a good idea to go out in the 27 degree night air at 7,000 feet. :>)
    love and hugs, bev

  4. Sometimes the simplest tatting is the most elegant and loved. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas!

  5. Lovely Christmas decor, Sally. Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sally. The Christmas pyramid is so lovely. Thank you for sharing photos of it.


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