Monday 13 December 2010

Shuttles and Christmas Trees

Just to let you know that Jane is going to be selling a variety of shuttles in her Etsy shop tomorrow, the holly ones, which were on my previous blog and these larger shuttles, one with a hook and the other without a hook. As you can see they are all dressed up for Christmas!  I'm in the garage has been very busy and although the garage is so very cold, he is planning on making more shuttles in the next few weeks.  But is anyone interested? Not sure if there is a demand for wooden shuttles at the moment.

Here are some of Jane's Christmas Tree ear rings which I started years ago and have recently found in a box.  They are all at various stages of construction, but as you can see the two that are finished are not even identical! Really must either finish them off, or probably best if I abandon them all together as I'm not sure if I have the thread anymore.  Strange though I did take one completed pair to a Christmas Fayre recently and sold them before the event had even opened!  Also not particularly pleased with the quality of the tatting, the deciding factor - start again!


  1. Love the earrings they are really pretty

  2. i think the trees look awesome. i say finish them because of the beads...

  3. I'm so happy - I read Jane's post in time to be able to buy one of the hollywood shuttles!!`

  4. I'm happy too; though I had to get up at 3 am (my time) in order to buy one of the holly wood shuttles (most were gone when I got up officially in the morning). I can't wait to get it. Thanks to you and Nick for making these.

  5. Thanks Typs Tatting and Shannon, you have really spurred me on to finish the earrings - although not this week!
    Pleased you got a shuttle Maureen, I haven't forgotten my promise!
    Poor you Jeff having to get up so early in the morning, I hope when the shuttle arrives you are pleased with it, and thanks for your thanks.

  6. Would really love the pattern for these tree earrings. Where can I get it?
    thanks & blessings,


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