Wednesday 29 December 2010

Garage Talk

For those of you who have visited Trayna's blog you will have seen the shuttle she has just purchased and have read all about the particular wood.   Trayna lives in the far north whilst we are down in the south of the country. There is very little of this wood so, as and when, a few shuttles will be put into Jane's shop.   This one was made for me and the markings obviously differ from shuttle to shuttle.  It had a little trip outside to bask in the Winter snow!

As you should all know by now  'Im in the garage' is my other half, whose workshop is in the garage.
Before Christmas my youngest son visited us and asked for something to be made, previous to that I had requested a set of tatting trays.  So there was a lot of friendly banter on whose woodworking project should take priority. My request was this set of trays, the idea came whilst visiting a shop and I took a photo of them on the left, it was being sold in the bathroom and bedroom department of the store.  It seemed a good idea to put tatting objects on and be able to carry it around the house without loosing things on the way.  So my request is what you see on the right, the trays are not so deep, and a little wider, as I didn't want to clutter them up with unnecessary objects. Unfortunately the photograph doesn't do it justice (it is the angle I have taken it) as it appears to have different sized trays whereas they are all the same size, with the bottom one being slightly deeper.  It is tall enough to have by a chair and work from.  I have only just started using it, that is why it looks tidy. I'm not quite sure what I want to keep on it but hope to mainly use it for current projects instead of having them spread everywhere, whilst the rest of the thread, shuttles beads etc live in another place.

My son also got his wish and this was made for his Christmas present.  It is not a game, but for storage of particular items, I wonder if you can guess?  The inlay is ebony and holly wood which comes from his late grandfathers' garden.   Due to his car and himself being poorly we were unable to see him over Christmas and  so what you see below is still wrapped up in Christmas paper.  He is off to Mexico tomorrow for a holiday so not sure when it will be in his possession.  So much for the priority of it being made!

With all these projects there has not been much time to make shuttles, but a few will be heading towards Janes' home soon.  Will keep you up-to-date with their journey.


  1. Ooooh, love the tatting tray. I'm green with jealousy but don't know where I'd put one in our 'cluttered' house!!!

  2. What a nice little caddy! I've started using a plastic tub with a handle. not big and it should be just the right size but it's overflowing and so I've added a second plastic box.....does it ever end?

  3. Well the holes all seem to be the same it a board for storing those marbles from the Go game perhaps? Or maybe your son is a jeweller with a lot of diamonds to look after?
    I certainly did read Trayna's blog, and admired her shuttle! I was also interested in reading that she was able to send'im her own hook for the shuttle - I'd like to do that one day! I love my ebony shuttle, which is hookless, but I just couldn't seem to come to terms with the other hook.
    One day! - :)

  4. Well, the artist side of me would say the tray with holes for your son would hold colored pens or pencils.
    Love the tatting trays! What a super idea for current project goodies.

  5. Love the tatting tray what a grand idea!

  6. Ummm, your son is an avid host and wants all 48 of his houseguests to have a place store their toothbrushes?

  7. I like your shuttles, how to buy it because I lived in France
    nice tatting and happy new year....

  8. Thank you for all the guesses. Miranda the toothbrush idea was really so funny!
    But you are all wrong, it has nothing to do with handicrafts, will tell you on my next post though. In fact will probably have to unwrap the present and demonstrate.
    Max thank you for your New Year greeting, the shuttles are normally put in my sister's Etsy shop this is her blog
    They have not got there yet, will keep you informed.


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