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One of the delights of having a blog is being able to share patterns with others, and thank you to all who do post such wonderful patterns, there are so many talented people who are generous in this respect.  I have only put very few on my blog over the past year and have never seen any of them actually tatted by someone else.  This could be because my instructions are difficult to understand, which rather scares me, I wouldn't want that to happen. Or of course no one has got around to making them yet, which is very understandable as there are so many other much better patterns out there to choose from.

Snow and ice slowed things up here in England over the past two days, which meant that as I couldn't get the car out so the funeral director had to pick me up and take me to the crematorium to conduct a funeral service yesterday.  I didn't want to risk having an accident and not getting there on time, or not at all.    So when I arrived home I was able to spend a fruitful half hour or so looking at the blogs and went to Gina's blog and found this snowflake, and then popped across to Spulni-Blog
I was so impressed with the design and then when Gina added beads, well I decided to add more, especially since receiving 20 packets in the post!  Also I changed it very slightly.
But is that right should we do this to people's designs?  It feels like we are being critical, or it could be classed as imagination?    

The blue snowflake was my first attempt but it was a bit squashed in the middle.  
Thank you to Orsi and Gina.


  1. Sally, you are so right about all the beautiful patterns that are available to us! I have downloaded so many that I love, and somehow I just haven't gotten around to trying them. I think part of my problem is that my mind just flits from one idea to another. All week long I've been thinking about snowflakes, yet I started a hanky yesterday... go figure!

  2. Oh Diane thank you so much for that comment, I think what you are saying is that there is too much choice! You and probably like me have a very short attention span when tatting and flit from one gorgeous pattern to another.
    Have a good weekend and hope you manage to have time to tat.

  3. That's so true (what Diane said). I have binders and binders full of printouts! That's not to mention books and books that I'm blessed with. I so remember the days when it was hard to find tatting patterns. Much of my tatting these days is for a specific purpose but occasionally I just look for something new. I have a whole stack of "wanna-tats" near my chair. I don't think I'll live long enough to tat everything I want to tat! Out of all of your sister Jane's patterns, I've only tatted a handful! Wonderful patterns - I just don't get to them. I also tend to focus on the old vintage patterns when I have extra time as I love to rework and update them so they aren't lost in time. They did brilliant work for not having all the wonderful techniques we have today.

  4. I also meant to say your versions of Orsi's snowflake are lovely! You also put the beads in the center ring - did you like the way that worked out? I was pleased with it

  5. Very pretty but I'm quite glad the 'real thing' has left us and melted!!!

  6. Gina I remember those days when there were so few patterns, in fact that is probably why for decades I lost interest in tatting. Jane is the one who has pointed me to her patterns and others which have brought so much life into tatting, so much so that I am literally in "tat's heaven" ! I think you have terrific patience saving the vintage patterns from being lost, as they are so hard to read. Well if it had not been for you Gina I probably wouldn't have attempted this pattern so quick it would be put in my "wanna-tats" and the beads in the middle are just right for the snowflake, thanks.

  7. There is nothing at all wrong with changing someone's pattern. It's just like when musicians read music-- the best musicians are the ones who don't play it note for note, but add their own little twist. Of course, just as that piece of music still belongs to the original composer, the tatted piece still belongs to the original designer. You can make alterations, but the designer still has to be credited, as you have done here.

  8. You guys know NOTHING about short attention spans! I am The Queen of Jump!

    As for collecting patterns, I recall the day I met Gina, I was so impressed when she told me she had BINDERS full of organized patterns in plastic sheets! Organized in areas like 'Hearts" or 'Roses' and so on!

    Well, here I am a little over a year later and I have two bulging binders of patterns in sleeves! Not organized by topic but there on my shelf with the incredible, wonderful collection of books that seem to have sprouted overnight on the bookshelf.

    I am so lucky to be surrounded by this wealth of choice of the work produced by so many talented, creative tatters over the years.

    I often change patterns because I have erred and must incorporate the error. But, I always give credit to the designer. If we didn't put our own unique twist on a pattern in our own work, it would be a very dull world! But we must be careful about the credit bit.

    However, as much as we can play with a pattern in tatting it, we must be careful to give credit to the designer and not claim the work (pattern) as our own. Very careful, indeed.

    "Add Beads," I'm afraid I must admit, is my mantra!
    Fox : )

  9. I'm so glad I had time to follow the links to your patterns today. I've seen the bauble links before, but didn't realize they are Christmas ornaments. I was imagining tatting around marbles or something. I'll definitely have to add your lovely patterns to my collection. Did you realize there is an extra http notation in the link to the button necklace? It is causing an error when someone tries to follow the link.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Well Miranda that is a very good comparison and thank you for your comment, don't feel so bad about changing the pattern now.

    Fox you your organisation skills sound like mine, will admit also to bulging folders but patterns are not in categories either!

    Thanks for pointing the link error Eliz, must go and do something about it. Perhaps I should have put Christmas ornaments, or even Christmas baubles, must go and sort that one out too.

  11. very pretty Sally, I also have loads of patterns in my "wanna do" stash. and many pages of patterns in plastic sleeves, also catgorized by motif, but many more loose pages piled allll over the place.

  12. Your snowflakes look awesome! :)

  13. Thank you for make "my" snowflake. I think it is very good with beads, because the center ring is bigger this way, and there's more space for the rings in the second tire.
    Anyway to change anybody's pattern it is something like folk songs... these patterns are alive.... do you know what I mean?

  14. Yes I do know what you mean Orsi, and thank you for sharing the pattern.

  15. this snowflakes is very beautiful!


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