Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Challenge and Commission

Recently in our house (and garage) we were challenged by our youngest son to make him a pair of cuff links in either tatting or wood.  So there were many plans for these works of art, but 'Im in the Garage got in to said place much quicker than I got into my 'tatting corner' and came up with these beauties.
The back pair are made from cocobola rosewood, and the front pairs are made from ebony.  After seeing them, that was it, any thoughts of tatted cuff links were abandoned, ah well sometimes you just cannot compete with wood!   Also these are now in full use and I dare say go to bed at night in their cuff link box.

Last year I was asked if I could do some tatting for some one I knew who has a daughter getting married in July. Needless to say I have never met the daughter and hardly know mum either, but they saw some of my tatting and have commissioned me to do some tatted butterflies for the wedding.  The bride likes butterflies and her mother is embroidering what you see below on the invitations.  I had a bit of a problem matching the colours, but as you can see in the end the match was exact, the pink is Manuela and the turquoise is Lizbeth.

I have made 250 so far and will probably need at least another 150!

I am not sure how popular cuff links are but when more pairs are made they will be put into Jane's shop. I certainly don't think they will be as sort after as tatting shuttles, but you never know!


  1. Oh I want some cuff links! I have several shirts that require them and are so comfy! Very generous of you to make that many beautiful butteflies for her wedding.

  2. I want some of the cuff links. I know someone who would LOVE them!
    Love the flock of butterflies....

  3. That's a fantastic colour match you've got there. Tat's a lorra butterflies to tat too!!!

  4. The cuff-links are gorgeous! Such a good idea. Lots of folks still use them.
    Fox : )

  5. My two sons would also love them! - both wear them on high days and state occasions! We gave our youngest son monogrammed sterling silver cufflinks to wear on his wedding day, and he loved them.
    Lovely colours for the butterflies!

  6. Cufflinks are great gift ideas for men.Men simply love luxurious accessories to be gifted.Be it birthday gift, valentine day gift cufflink rules.

  7. Thanks for all the comments - it does look like cuff links are worth making then?!!! So have put an order in to 'Im in the garage, and purchased boxes for them yesterday.
    Silver Cufflinks - very interesting site, and lovely cuff links thank you for passing by and giving encouragement.


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