Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shuttles and Cuff Links

It is time to show you the latest goings on in the garage!  I was impressed at Diane's display of blinged shuttles which you can see here especially as they were displayed so well.  My attempt is not so good especially when I noticed, after looking at them in detail that there is a wine stain on the table! Six post shuttles in total, three made out of cedar (they have the transfers on) and three made out of Rosewood.  The two photographs show you what is on each side.

The cuff links are coming on well with just a few set backs, which always happens when you try something new in the craft line, particularly when you are working with wood, here are the latest designs.

This pair are made out of pear wood (notice same sounding word but spelt differently) they have glass beads in, and look a bit like cherry cakes!

These are made out of ebony

And finally cocobola rosewood

There are some other designs, all should be in Jane's Etsy shop soon. They are travelling to her tomorrow,  not by Royal Mail, but are to be delivered personally by 'Im in the Garage'.  Also there will be some apple pop-a-bobbin shuttles in the delivery.   Now I have to package them all up and perhaps after then there may be some time for tatting.


  1. That'll keep me busy for a few days next week, then!!!!!!!!

  2. What wine stain? Notice that I focused in on the word wine immediately. What does that say about me?

    I love the shuttles! I just finished using my holly shuttle for my sister's edging, and it is one of the nicest shuttles I own. I can't believe how much thread it holds. I think I wound 20 yards on it! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for these beauties!

  3. THe shuttles are very nice Sally and the cuff links are so unique. :)

  4. Wood is such a nice material! Lovely shuttles and other stuff!

  5. I love shuttles! Those new ones are just gorgeous! Can someone own too many shuttles? roflol


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