Wednesday 30 March 2011


At the moment I have five craft projects on the go and this is causing, apart from a lot of mess, a fair amount of my time tied up with trying to get them completed for certain deadlines, although most are for July. Apart from tatting I am making something out of crochet which I will blog about soon.  So I really don't know why I decided to make this frog, but it might just come in useful to compliment one of the projects.

After I had made it I was clearing some stuff in the garden and this little fellow appeared. He immediately made a jump for the undergrowth and then when I tried to take another photograph he jumped again and I dropped the camera as I was so close to him and he frightened me!

The pattern for the Red Eyed Tree frog (not found in English gardens!) is Janes and you can find it here


  1. I've really enjoyed making that pattern myself. Sorry the real thing made you jump!

  2. We had a toad in our back garden for years and you know we have no pond and two sides are walled in so we never found out how he (or she!) survived. Well done for making the frog. Not an easy pattern to follow I think.

  3. The poor frog! He must have had apoplexy when your camera dropped!

    Great pattern!
    Fox : )

  4. He's a long way from home, isn't he! - gorgeous, but your garden "frog" looks unsettling like a cane toad to me. Horrible, horrible things, very dangerous to domestic pets, and in plague proportions here after the floods.

  5. Charming, very nice frog,,,,

    Encantadora, muy simpatica la ranita


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