Tuesday 15 March 2011

Wearing it today!

I managed to finish this necklace last night even though it was started many weeks ago, only because I wanted to wear it today. The buttons are larger than the ones in the original button pattern so there was some adjustment and also larger beads were used on parts of it.

Purple is the liturgical colour of Lent, but it is a colour I wear a lot of so rather like the season in that respect.   I have given up chocolate for Lent and taken on writing a series of talks about the Book of Proverbs, and don't really know which is the hardest as they are both very challenging.

But I have resisted this chocolate lollipop given to me by my son as a reward for being good at the dentist after root canal treatment, he has got a very good sense of humour.   It is resting on some rhubarb leaves which are really doing well now that we are having a bit of sunshine for a change.

Now that it is warmer trying to encourage 'Im in the garage' to stay in there longer!


  1. It's beautiful!! as you say, the perfect colour for Lent.
    You can eat your chocolate halfway through Lent, on Laetare Sunday! I don't know which is the other "day off" - as Lent is supposed to be observed for 40 days, over 6 weeks that gives you two spare days.
    Well, it's a good idea, anyway...... :)

  2. Your purple necklace turned out Beautiful!!

  3. Wow, LOVE the colours. Now as you can't eat the lollipop perhaps you should send it to me. Oh, just remembered - I've got to go to the dentist in two hours time!!!!

  4. What a beautiful necklace. Have it on my to-do (read: to-try) list!! Will go out for some nice yarn and give it a go too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Oooo - love the lovely purple necklace, looks like amethyst chips. Purple makes me feel good. It was my grandmother's favorite color & I wore it to her funeral - it IS one of the colors of the resurrection!

    Has your mouth recovered?

  6. Sally, the necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I like the beads you chose to go with the thread. Haven't seen those lilac seed beeds. Very pretty. I'm so preoccupied with beads...

    Speedy recovery for your root canal treatment. :)

  7. Your necklace is so pretty and reminds me of violets! :)

  8. I bet you had alot of people comment on it, it's beautiful!

  9. Thanks Maureen but if I taste chocolate for one day I will not stop, already having withdrawal symptons though. Thanks Carol, it is a bit longer than I expected but very useful. Tattingrid there are so many different buttons and thread to work with that everyone comes out different. Yes thanks Crazy Mom my mouth has recovered, now have to have a crown fitted (not on my head though!!!). Thanks Val beads are addictive! Thanks God's Kid, know what you mean violets they smell beautiful.
    Actually Bonnie I did have lots of people comment, which surprised me, thanks.


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