Tuesday 22 March 2011


We all love surprises, especially the ones that come in boxes or packets.  These were in a bulging package that Sue Anna sent me, she has spoilt my big sister Jane as well and we are both thrilled to bits.  Sue Anna heard of the trouble we have had importing goods from the USA because the nasty customs people get to them first!   And so she came to our rescue.  There are some amazing colours, certainly a reminder that Summer is coming and just look at those HDTs from Yarnplayer.  She also included bobbins they are so so useful.  Thank you again Sue Anna

When my boys were young and they were given Christmas or Birthday presents they usually were more interested in the boxes that the toys came in rather than the actual toys themselves.  My son (the one who lives in England) always gives me surprise gifts in beautiful boxes, and then tells me off for liking the box more than the gift. I of course remind him that he used to be exactly the same! Some years ago he gave me this box filled with very luxurious bath and shower gel. Although this one isn't as pretty as the boxes he now gives me with gifts inside, I kept this because it was so strong.

It was transformed over the weekend to look like this.

The flowers are Abutilon (Chinese Lanterns) and by complete coincidence I noticed that Wendy has posted on her blog a picture of the same flower only it doesn't seem to be published properly at the moment, hopefully it will later on today.

Next time I hope to show you the latest cuff links that 'Im in the garage' has made, don't worry shuttles are also still being produced.


  1. Do all the new threads fit in the box? - it looks wonderful!
    My youngest son once bought me a wooden box filled with a selection of teas. The box is divided into square compartments, just right for the tiny balls of DMC 80!

  2. That's a wonderful transformation of the box. I've got several boxes that you could have next time you're up this way.

  3. What lovely threads. Sue Anna is so kind. Come by to see the Abutilon blooms. It is published now.

    I love pretty packaging and boxes too.

  4. Have you seen roseground on ring of tatters site now has supplys of lizbeth thread.the sizes they stock are 10, 20,40 and 80.
    Love the box.

  5. Yes they do Maureen. Your box sounds very useful, bet the teas were great too! Boxes Jane, great!
    Love your Abutilon blooms Wendy.
    Geraldine I have ordered from Roseground but they do not always have all the ones I want, and through no fault of their own have waited over a month for supplies.

  6. Oh What a wonderful surprise Sally! I know tatters are sure some pretty special people. I have been quite surprised myself by some. They do come through with soooo much help. :)

    I actually have two Abutilon I grow in pots, and bring in through the winter. Here they are called 'Flower Maples' I have one blooming right now that is such a light yellow, it is almost white. And the other is a peachyrose color (not blooming yet)

    I love your box!!!!

  7. Too true Connie tatters are very special people. You are fortunate being able to grow Abutilon and keep them over winter, and they must look so pretty


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