Wednesday 20 April 2011


At the moment England is bathed in glorious sunshine, temperatures are way above normal for this time of the year. In early May carpets of bluebells are seen but this year they are early because of exceptional weather we have been having and the display is almost over.  I took this photograph yesterday of bluebells in a wood.


This is the very first crochet basket that I made working together with two threads a variegated blue size 50 and plain green size 30. I have put a few bluebells inside, well not really bluebells - I copied one of Gina's ideas as I wanted to fill the basket with flowers, still making them in different colours.

Not every bluebell though is native to England this one is a Spanish bluebell and is usually found in  gardens.  All the flowers on a Spanish Bluebell are on the same side of the stalk and the stalk is thicker than the English Bluebell. Therefore, the effect of gravity does not operate in the same way on the Spanish Bluebell so that it keeps its characteristic straight stalk.

This is the traditional bluebell found mostly in woods.When the flowers are fully formed, the stalk of English Bluebells curves gracefully downwards

When I was young everyone picked wildflowers and I can remember taking basket fulls back home, especially in the Spring, primroses, bluebells and cowslips. However, with so many species dying out this practice is discouraged and they are protected as much as possible.


  1. It is so miserable here in Toronto, rainy, windy and COLD, that I have put your wonderful Sherwood Forest-type photo on my desktop as background! It cheers me immensely!
    Fox : )

  2. Bluebells are another of my favorite Spring flowers! They are not so common here. You'll find a small bunch isolated in the woods (my woods) and they don't last long. I'm looking forward to Sweet Williams! Mmmm...I can smell them now!

  3. We looked in the woods on the way to Daventry today but didn't see any with bluebells in them. Guess what, though. I've got cowslips in my garden that came from mum and dad's garden when he had it 'demolished'. So pleased that they grow here. Mind our garden does get a bit wild in places!!!

  4. They're beautiful! When we lived for a time in Berkhamsted,I remember taking the children to the Dunstable Downs and walking through carpets of bluebells; someone told me that Elizabeth 1 used to love ridiing her horse through the very same woods, and it was as though the little blue flowers were a connection through Time.
    I hope they never chop that forest down!

  5. Oh, the blubells are lovely! I believe you have exceptionally wonderful weather because WE are having an exceptionally LONG winter. Send some of that weather our way, please!?

  6. Your crochet basket looks fabulous. I did not see what you meant about the flowers until I enlarged the photo. Nice!

    The English Bluebells are lovely. The colour is more intense and the way the stalk curves . . . so elegantly. Thank you for sharing the photos.


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