Sunday 10 April 2011

Crochet and Tatting

I bought a book called Romantic Crochet by Rhoda Robertson well over ten years ago and nearly gave it away as it was taking up room on my bookshelf, where tatting books were gradually taking over. However, quite out of the blue I decided that I would make something out of it.   This basket caught my eye, it was so quick and easy to make and I had some thick crochet cotton lying about in another part of the house.

 Inside are some entwined tatted hearts which are for a wedding.
The instructions require putting the finished piece over a bowl to mould it into shape using sugared water, but I used pva glue to stiffen the basket.
I also wove some pink ribbon through it, not shown on the original pattern.

This was not the very first one that I made, the other one I will show you later, just need to tat some other items to put inside.  It is also not crocheted in white cotton or the same thickness so looks quite different. 

 I have given this one away to a friend who said it would look just right in her bedroom
 minus the hearts!


  1. That is a beautiful basket! I have several books that I've almost given away, and I've probably given some away that I'll some day wish I had kept. I guess that's the curse of loving books!

  2. There were some very small crocheted baskets at our Lace Day yesterday, one very similar to yours, and I was reminded of how pretty and delicate crochet can look. And how much faster it goes. :-)

  3. Oh, keep meaning to ask you - when did you learn to crochet? Aunty Nelly tried to teach me when I was little but Cakey Nanny taught me to tat at age 13 so I think there was some rivalry there!!! I didn't learn to crochet until I was in my thirties!!!! Slow learner, eh?
    LOVE your basket. Glad you didn't get rid of the book - sounds like a little gem.

  4. What a pretty basket! I have some crochet books with baskets in them, but never saw the need to make one...until now that is! Love the little tatted hearts in the bottom. So dainty!

  5. Oh, you must never get rid of books! - because one day you will certainly need them again! I have most of my knitting and crochet books stored in cardboard Archive boxes, courtesy of the removalists. I am not going to throw these out, or donate them to charity - but just at present, I'm not using them, so they would only be getting dusty on the shelf.
    Lovely basket - and doesn't crochet go so much faster than tatting? Instant gratification!

  6. Love, love, love the basket. It looks heavenly! I drochet, but not so well - only simple stuff with yarn. Your friend is a lucky person!

  7. Thanks for all the comments, lesson to be learnt "don't give books away!"
    Jane I can't honestly remember who taught me to crochet, but as Maureen says "instant gratification"
    I think Stephanie until now I did not see the need to make a crochet basket but I have great plans for the others I am making.


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