Friday 15 April 2011

Old books - Old thread

These two snowflakes are from the book Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman, the patterns are easy to follow, unusual and fun to make, if you don't mind tying in ends! This book together with Tatting by Rhoda L. Auld I managed to win on e.bay, at different times and strangely enough was the only person to bid on them.   Rhoda's book is full of tatting techniques and is very interesting with some great designs and pictures, it is worth looking out for.

The top snowflake is called Minaret. The bottom one Ruffle-edged Snowflake, but unfortunately it did not lie very well even when pressed.

The question that I have been meaning to ask for months now is this.  I have some white Coats thread that has gone yellow, obviously with age and it was probably not stored that well.  I have tried, after making something with it, washing the article but cannot get it white, any suggestions?   Really need to wash the balls by winding the cotton off them, but how do I do that and is it possible to restore them to pristine white?


  1. I reckon you'll have to HDT that thread!!! When you do then I'll find some for you too!!!!!

  2. Are you sure the ball is yellow all the way through? Sometimes just the outer layer will yellow, and when you pull off those first few yards what's underneath will still be white.

    As for the motif you've already made, try leaving it in direct sunlight for a day or two. That will often help to whiten it up.

  3. I'd like to know the answer to that as well, because I have a whole box of white Cebelia 20 which I bought many years ago when the local craft shop was closing down. I was crocheting at the time, but I never used the thread, and it too, has gone yellow. It seems profligate to throw it away - it's been stored in the box it came in all these years.
    I like your "old" snowflakes very much, I have been spending time with comfortable old patterns myself!

  4. lovely snowflakes. You are right, Sally, some don't lie flat for some reason.

  5. Sally, you would need to "skein" the thread as you take it off the spool/ball. you can do this by winding it off the ball around something ~ I used to turn a dining room chair upside down and wind around the legs. Then tie several small threads around the strands to keep them from coming apart. I would suggest soaking in an oxygen type bleaching agent, not laundry bleach, as that will be too harsh on the thread. Over here in the USA a good oxygen type bleach is called OxyClean.
    Hope this helps, but the yellowing may be a chemical reaction to being stored in or wound on materials that contain acids, in which case the yellowing may be permanent. If you can't remove the yellow, then disguise it by dyeing with tea or another color.

  6. I think I would dye the thread too. If you don't want to do it yourself, maybe one of the tatters on this list who make the HDT would do it for you.

    I have the Rhoda Auld book and think it has advanced tatting techniques that are way before their times. I love that book!!

  7. Yes Miranda the ball (balls) are yellow all the way through, thanks for the tip about the sunlight. Ladytats that sounds like hard work, but obviously a great idea, thank you so much, I have tried the tea and don't like the effect.
    Do you know what Carol I think I will just send it off to someone who can make good use of it when it has been dyed. With regard to the Rhoda Auld book I was so surprised no one bid on it as it is a little gem.
    So Maureen what are you going to do?

  8. Maybe instead of whitening the whole ball at once, which does sound like a lot of work, it would be more manageable to just whiten each motif as you make it (either by sunlight or oxygen bleach). Or maybe you'll find a project where you actually want that "antiqued" look.


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