Tuesday 5 April 2011

Good Intentions

I found these words............

"We have a choice every day - to act on yesterday's good intentions or get an early start on tomorrow's regrets"  

So bearing that in mind I will start the day off with showing you weeks of good intentions, tomorrow's regrets are sure to follow!

The first is this edging designed by Orsi and called Nelson and it can be found on her pattern page. I really enjoyed working this pattern, thank you Orsi.  It is to be sewn on something that will be in my next giveaway, but not for a month or so as I am still working on getting the item ready.

With the wonderful discovery of these ezbobs, no longer should there be a tangled threads. I know my sister Jane keeps mentioning them as being terrific but I can see why.  This is the latest packet that I purchased from a supplier in England, a rare find, together with how I used to store threads when I needed to travel with them.  So my intention is to tidy up the mess that I have got myself into over the years.

The last intention, which I am prepared to mention as regretfully there are many others, is piece of tatting. I made it over a year ago and was going to build it up the patchwork, but never got around to it. The pattern is Janes.  She is at the moment making a beautiful version and has just posted it this morning.  I think the pattern is really clever especially the false picots but looking at my first attempt may be I need a pit of practice first.

Pleased to say that my next post will be about items that I have actually completed. 


  1. The Orsi piece is fantastic. My threads are pretty tidy now and my biggest problem is now deciding which ones to use next!!!

  2. Not only have you identified your good intentions, you have acted on them - so you're way ahead from where you were yesterday! I keep looking at everything that is to be done and going away to "think" about it!
    I love the edging.

  3. I tend to stray to the disorganized - mainly because I don't like to spend free time

    Never mind how much time I waste looking for
    'stuff' that I know I 'have' around here, someplace ; )

    Good luck with the ezbobs - I am certain I have a package of them around here someplace!

  4. Well Maureen I try, but I do an awful lot of looking and going away to think about it!
    Lelia you sound just like me disorganised because I also hate wasting time organising, what a relief to find someone else with the same attitude, which I feel so guilty about at times. You have made my day!

  5. Oh!!formidable ces petites boites pour le rangement où les avez vous trouvé??? Dans quel boutique??? Merci


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