Friday 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

The whole country and millions of people all over the world are glued to their televisions today to watch Prince William and Catherine Middleton get married in Westminster Abbey, London.  It is a public holiday in the UK although some people have to work as the whole country cannot just shut down.  Therefore it seems only right to mark the Royal event with a bit of tatting, so here is a row of crowns, designed by Jon Yusoff and the link is here.  I did make the top middle gold ring slightly longer and it is supposed to represent the Queen's crown with jewels in, hence the beads - well you have to use your imagination.  Jon said after she had named it that the crowns looked more like scared faces with hair sticking up!  So they could just represent lots of people cheering the happy couple.

Then I put the row of crowns around a box and stuck a piece of glass on top, although it looks a bit like a sweet

The thread is some I have had for ages it is Altin Basak and the gold always seems to break when you work with it, but it is useful for small projects like this.

The hype building up to the Royal Wedding has been everywhere and I photographed these pictures yesterday whilst out shopping, the bunting has sort of hidden the words, but you get the gist.

And no I did not get an invite to the wedding, but in 2007 I was invited to another Abbey church three miles from where I live to attend a service where the Queen was commemorating the signing of a royal charter 400 yrs ago. In fact I was on the end of the aisle, so she walked very close by me.  The security was very tight that particular day, we had to park our cars in a special place and then get on a coach and go through stringent checks hours before the service.  That was the nearest I ever came to being close to Royalty and will ever likely be.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will take the new titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after their marriage today but it is forecast that the popular press will call her Princess Kate - we wish them every happiness for the future.


  1. lovely tatting. I am watching. The t.v. coverage just started at 3am

  2. I love the edging! It is very royal looking.

  3. What a great tatting. Kate should have seen it! Enjoy this special day!!

  4. Currently 'glued' to the telly!!!!! Bet you are too!!!

  5. I don't follow the news much but I did notice a lot of references to the wedding in headlines and wondered when it was. I thought it wasn't to be until next year. Good thing I wasn't invited!

    I truly wish for happiness in that family, who has been plagued by the press for so long.

    And your box turned out wonderfully!

  6. I love that edging - I tatted it for my DIL's wedding hanky. And if you inadvertently turn the corner upside down - or at least, a part of it, it turns into a heart!! I emailed the picture to Jon when I noticed that and said it was her "accidental heart"!

  7. Ah, it was a wonderful wedding! *sniff sniff*

    And TWO kisses on the balcony! Enjoy the celebratory, happy atmosphere in Britain today!
    Fox : )

  8. As we retired for the night, it was mid afternoon in London and we watched the first of the festivities, which was the crowds. I’ve caught snatches of the ceremony on the tellie. I was most interested in the clothes and it was nice that her dress had lace sleeves..I thought it was a very classic, wonderful wedding gown and the tiara wasn’t over done! I guess that was the ‘something’ borrowed (from the Queen). Also enjoyed looking at the hats and fascinators...
    Long live the Queen (I have a fondness for her, being from the same era and remembering her hard work as a young woman during WWII). I also was fond of the Queen Mum (being a Scot and all). I wish the best for this couple as the stress must be a real strain at times.
    xxx bj

  9. A perfect Royal Wedding - and a perfect Royal edging! I'm thinking of my English heritage today!
    Interestingly, my maternal grandparents' names were 'William and Kate' - although hers was spelled 'Katherine'- and she was Irish!. They married here in America (1897), but his grandfather was married in London in 1847.

    After a trip to England in 2006, my niece brought me a souvenier towel with the words "Buckingham Palace" and the Royal Coat of Arms embroidered on it. Guess what will be getting that edging! Thanks for the idea (perfect colors) and link to the pattern!

    Lots of TV shows on today about all the royal weddings over the years. It's the quintessential 'fairy tale wedding'. I'm impressed you saw the Queen in person!

  10. Hi,
    Beautiful edging love the gold thread, it was a lovely wedding not sure about the trees in the Abby



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