Friday 9 April 2010

Box and Packaging

A week today will mark my 1st blog-anniversary, nothing to shout about really, but I would just like to say that it has been great meeting (well not in the flesh!) the world wide tatting community. However, I don’t plan to have a “Giveaway” in celebration as I would rather save that until my 100th post which could be in a few months time, depending on how quick or slow I become in blogging!

In preparation for the event I decided to buy some boxes, paint them and decorate them, what they are going to contain is a secret at the moment. This pink box is my first attempt; it reminds me of an iced cake!

Following on from the various bits and pieces, seven in all, that make up the Pop-A-bobbin shuttle I would like to talk briefly about the

A member of our congregation, a retired printer, made the information card for me and unlike you and I he doesn’t collect thread he collects card! Unfortunately he hasn’t had a good year in many respects, his health hasn’t been good and his son died in February. But he is always cheerful and has been very helpful with the printing of these cards.
The first plastic sleeves I purchased from a car boot sale, not knowing at the time what to use them for. Since the cards were made for this size I needed to purchase some more and so went of course to e.bay and bought not 100 not 200 but 1,000! Well I figured that they would always come in useful!

THE LAST OF THE SEVEN is of course the SHUTTLE itself and what more can I say about them? Here are a few at the varnishing stage. Jane is due to get another consignment next week from "I'm in the Garage" The waiting list is growing and we have some more ebony arriving by post tomorrow.


  1. The box is stunning. Love the colours.
    The shuttles look like soldiers all lined up at attention in the garage!!!

  2. Oh Sally, the box is lovely. And I am so glad to see you haven't given up on the shuttles:-)

  3. Sally, the box is so pretty! And I loved hearing about the gentleman who supplied the card. I hope he is doing well.

    The pictures of the shuttles do unspeakable things to my corporal being! I have an unopened parcel from Jane right in front of me, as I just picked it up from the post box after work, and I am saving it for when I am finished my chores so that I can SAVOUR the moment. Then I spied that ebony shuttle in the little photo..... The package was forgotten!!!

    WHATEVER IS THE MATTER WITH ME? I think I have been smitten with the eleventh plague - SHUTTLE LUST!
    ♥Fox, who is about to tear into the envelope and fondle the contents! : ))

  4. OMG!! They are BEAUTIFUL!! Just gorgeous. Please send my regards and thanks to "I'm in the garage," as his work is impeccable!
    Thank you so much!
    Fox : )

  5. My new hookless ebony shuttle is wonderful - it's so nice to hold, I am going to carry it with me in my handbag, just for the pleasure of having it there!Of course, it will be fully load3ed with thread chosen especially for a shuttle-only edging, I once carried a Mary Konior Leaf Braid around for over three years. That is still attached to the shuttle, and it has grown so long - rather nice to see something tangible for the build-up of the chinks of time.

  6. ooooh, like a child in a candy store. That is a very pretty box! Can't wait for YOUR hundredth post. LOL
    My four little soldiers arrived yesterday and the cedar and oak are already wound and in use (making something for your Sis ~ you know, what IS her name) (wicked grin).
    I love the feel of the natural wood in my hand…it is warm and alive; also, noticed the refinements to the shuttles themselves. Give "im" a big hug from grateful tatters.
    hugs, BJ

  7. LOL! Did you know (or HE) that you'd be this busy??? No one can say that tatters aren't doing anything to stimulate the economuy!

  8. I would love to get one of the purple ones or one like the third one from the right on top. I love the way the wood looks...can I get one of these?

  9. the box sure looks like a yummy strawberry cake! wonder who the lucky person may be?!

    i'm admiring the shuttles in the garage too. they look really good. 'im in the garage is doing good work.

  10. That box is very pretty! Look at all those very nice shuttles! :)
    Happy Blogoversary!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  11. Super post as usual, congrats, your blog was a great addition to the blogging world.

  12. Cute Box! Very Creative. Beads and a Button, super cute.

    Where does the time go that you've been here a year already?

    Okay, I can no longer wait! How do I get on "the list"?

  13. Creativity must run in the family! Your box is lovely and the tatting is gorgeous. I can say that all the shuttles I have are wonderful. The colors of the wood, the feel in the hands, the way the thread glides over them-what can I say. I'm in the garage does exquisite work!

  14. I love the box! One can never have too many little boxes, or tatting shuttles for that matter!

  15. Your decorated box is such a pretty confection! It reminds me of what I imaging Victoria Sandwich to look like. (Have never seen one of these cakes, so I could be totally wrong about what they look like. But I imagine them to be like large petit-fours.)

  16. I took my pop a bobbin to Hector Tatting Guild convention this weekend as a Show and Tell. There were ooh's and Ahhs's and I want one's!
    Hope that translates into some orders, not that it looks like Im in the garage will see daylight anytime soon


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